Replacing a “creaking” 15-year-old Access database and spreadsheets with a cloud-based SQL system

The effectiveness and efficiency of Easyway’s daily operations was suffering due to the struggling access database. Also, as their business grew, many of their operations were being carried out on spreadsheets rather than attempt an upgrade on the Access database system. It was at this point Easyways approached Tentacle due to our knowledge and skills in transforming old databases into cloud-based platforms.



Type of work

Tour Operator Software, Custom CRM, Financial Software, Custom Website, BACs System, Web Design, Web Development, onBoarding


Tour Operator


Falkirk, UK

Technologies Used

ASP.NET Core MVC C#, HTML5, CSS, JS Java SSRS Reporting Services Web API


Windows Server, Microsoft SQL Server

Thunderbolt Modules

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What is ThunderBolt?

What is ThunderBolt?

What the client wanted

Easyways relied on Tentacle’s experience and expertise to place their operations onto our ThunderBolt platform. They neeeded Tentacle Solutions’ team to assess their business conditions and design a solution that would not only solve the current Access database issues but would also be able to handle the complexities of any future growth of their business. Scalability had to be put into the picture. Tentacle's staff spent weeks trying to understand Easyway's life cycle and implement the best possible solution on our ThunderBolt platform.

What we delivered

After Tentacle’s analytics team completed their initial analysis, our developers moved on to the production of the SQL cloud-based solution. Over the course of development, we kept in touch with the Easyways managers and staff and brainstormed ways of adding other ThunderBolt solutions to their current operations.

One of the brand new features was the client portal with simple and intuitive UI/UX that we developed. The portal allowed clients to view their entire tour package online.

Also, we developed a user-friendly reminder system to encourage Easyways clients to leave reviews on all accommodations after their trip. Finally, we designed and implemented a customised Google Maps generation feature, where the system would automatically generate the route using the data already in the system.

After 4 months, Tentacle Solutions delivered a Web-based system that was driven by a SQL database. The solution also included a client-side system that connected to the new invoice system we designed, developed, and tailored to their particular business model, and also integrated an innovative personalised Google Map screen for every client. The new system allowed Easyways to streamline its workflow, increase user engagement, and increase customer satisfaction.

Today, Easyways continues to use Tentacle support to tweak and develop new features to the system. Easyways business grows, its bespoke database system organically grows, too.

Client feedback

I would emphasise that at all times Zarrar and his team progressed the work and resolved problems in a very positive and polite manner. I would highly recommended Zarrar , Sadia and Tentacle as a whole to anyone who requires a comprehensive management system for their business operation.

Andrew Fernie
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