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Software Comparison

Our Enterprise Software Vs SaaS Products Vs Custom Development

Typical SaaS

Ridiculously Low Cost
  • Not customisable
  • Do not own the platform
  • Do not own the code
  • Do not own your data
  • Hundreds of thousands of staff from multiple companies using the same server’s bandwidth
  • At the mercy of the original developers staying in business

Our Enterprise Software

Reasonable One Off Cost
  • System is already developed and tested
  • Add on a number of developed software solutions
  • Completely customisable
  • Integratable with third party services
  • APIs ready for your web developer
  • You own the platform
  • You own the code
  • You own your data
  • Only your staff using the server’s bandwidth
  • Migrate your current data
  • You can host on our server
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Custom Software Development

Ridiculously High Initial Cost
  • You will need to think of every feature you want developed
  • You will be responsible for testing the entire system
  • Only customisable at the time of development