Migrate Your Data With ConfidenceMove Your Business To The Cloud With ThunderBolt Technology

Migrate Your Data With Confidence

Software Comparison

ThunderBolt Software Vs SaaS Products Vs Custom Development

Typical SaaS

Ridiculously Low Cost
  • Not customisable
  • Do not own the platform
  • Do not own the code
  • Do not own your data
  • Hundreds of thousands of staff from multiple companies using the same server’s bandwidth
  • At the mercy of the original developers staying in business


Reasonable One Off Cost
  • System is already developed and tested
  • Add on a number of developed software solutions
  • Completely customisable
  • Integratable with third party services
  • APIs ready for your web developer
  • You own the platform
  • You own the code
  • You own your data
  • Only your staff using the server’s bandwidth
  • Migrate your current data
  • You can host on our server

Custom Software Development

Ridiculously High Initial Cost
  • You will need to think of every feature you want developed
  • You will be responsible for testing the entire system
  • Only customisable at the time of development

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Microsoft Access is a great starter option for many small businesses. However as your operations expand, so may your database requirements and at this point you will find your company out growing your Access Database. ThunderBolt offers greater processing speed, increased functionality, and improved performance to meet your expanding business needs.

  • ThunderBolt is a powerful underlying system developed by Tentacle to serve as a future-proof technology platform for your company. ThunderBolt’s primary purpose is to serve any industry that needs a modern but intuitively usable software package for their staff.

  • ThunderBolt is yours to keep! There are no ongoing licence fees and you can customise every part of the software to suit your business. You can choose to host this application on your own servers, on Tentacle’s servers or any third party server of your choosing.

  • This does depend on the number of modules required by your company; however, ThunderBolt starts from £4,500 with no ongoing licence fees. For a full price list contact us today for our infopack.

  • Yes, we can integrate your data with many third party applications such as Power BI or Salesforce. This is part of our customisation process where our team will work with yourselves to ensure the application works with your current processes. However you can also consider adding one or more of our other suite of applications that work on the same powerful ThunderBolt ERP platform.

  • The data belongs to you. You have full control on where the data is hosted, who can access it and what methods can be used to analyse it.

  • There are many reasons ThunderBolt is better however our clients find the biggest reason for choosing us is that their code and data belongs to them. They are not constrained by monthly licence fees nor by the fact that their data is being held along with hundreds of other companies’ data. Also the entire application will be branded and customised for your company which in essence means that it will become one of your company’s most valuable assets.

  • ThunderBolt belongs to you and of course if you want to stop using it, you can. All the data is still yours, residing on your server.

  • Yes; as part of the customisation process, our team will work with your company to ensure that all third party apps are connected.

  • This does depend on the level of customisation. However, depending on the number of modules and data to be transferred, you can be up and running typically within a week or two.

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