By leveraging our Gamification skills, Aberdeen council asked Tentacle to develop an innovative concept that allowed their visitors to virtually become art donors for the museum.

After weeks of discussions with the AAGM marketing team and shareholders, we stopped on a simple yet innovatively beautiful concept. Tentacle would bring the idea of the museum carrying various artworks from their storage to the museum onto a virtual canvas. Users would donate the artworks to progress across the entire Aberdeen map for their reopening. Tentacle built an interactive map of the city, with all the landmarks, where visitors could "adopt" one of the routes from the storage to the museum, and the more they contributed - the faster the item arrived at the museum.

Type of work

Museum Software, Custom Gamification, CRM Software, Custom Website, Payment System, Web Design, Web Development




Aberdeen, UK

Technologies Used

ASP.NET Core MVC C#, HTML5, CSS, JS Java SSRS Reporting Services Web API


Windows Server, Microsoft SQL Server

Thunderbolt Modules

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What is ThunderBolt?

What is ThunderBolt?

What the client wanted

Once the concept was signed off, Tentacle were asked to deliver a complete web solution. It had to be branded to AAGM’s values and also adhere to The Public Sector Bodies (Websites and Mobile Applications) (No. 2) Accessibility Regulations 2018. It also had to integrate seamlessly with their current website and also their financial platforms. There was a further request to develop a primary donation website that would be used as a platform for not only this innovative concept but also future and pre-existing ideas.

What we delivered

The solution we delivered was:

- a standalone interactive website that showcased the interactive map. This was driven by data that was administered by the AAGM staff via their CMS portal

- an integrated website to showcase all the other fundraising activities including the new interactive map

- an administration portal with Tentacle CMS platform customised for the interactive map website

- intergration with AAGM’s financial platforms

- integration with Just Giving’s API

AAGM’s marketing team and shareholders were ecstatic with final results our development team produced. The word about the game and its reception spread and the next thing we knew - there was a line of enquires from other museums wanting to replicate it for them.

Client feedback

We approached Tentacle about creating a technically complex but visually simple site as part of Aberdeen Art Gallery’s public fundraising appeal. He and his team took on the challenge, and delivered the site as requested, with excellent customer service throughout.

Michael Hodgson
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