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Click Through Rate (CTR)

At some point, if you have a website developed by Tentacle, our Glasgow based data analytics team will send you various reports. One of those reports will concentrate on your website’s Click Through Rate (CTR). This CTR is the total number of impressions your ad will get that ended up as a click; this number is typically presented as a percentage.

For instance, if your e-commerce website received one click and a thousand impressions then we would report a 0.1% CTR. In this way, CTR is useful as it reports how relevant people searching on Google are finding your marketing to be.

CTRs are important and should not be ignored. They will help your marketing team understand your visitors. It will let them know which of their strategies work and which do not when trying to reach your target audience.

A low CTR will mean that your marketing team are targeting the wrong audience. It can also mean that your text is not persuasively enough to result in a click.

We would suggest the following ways to improve your CTR:

- Optimise your headline. Make sure you connect with the right people instantly.

- Include CTA’s. Guide people by supplying triggering call to actions.

- Use Images and hashtags.

- Write compelling text for your ad copy.

- Always try to highlight your unique selling points

- Experiment by split testing your ads

- If possible, highlight your pricing in your ad copy


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