A public tender to supply Dundee City Council with data compliance, system & database development services.

Dundee City Council identified that further development was needed on their Create Converge website. This was to support their web channel aspirations and evolving research for their future operations. Also, given the impact of Covid-19 the platform played an important role in offering collaboration between creative, digital and technology services. As such, all of the new requirements needed to be performed quickly and abide by their strict compliance standards.

Type of work

Google Maps API, Web Design, Web Development, CMS, Data Compliance, Data Development




Dundee, UK

Technologies Used

JS, Unity, HTML5, CSS, JS, ASP.NET Core MVC C#


Windows Server, Microsoft SQL Server

Thunderbolt Modules

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What is ThunderBolt?

What is ThunderBolt?

What the client wanted

Dundee City Council were seeking further work on their Create Converge website along with provision of collaboration and sector mapping tools. Ideally they were seeking rapid deployment of all updates. DCC needed a software development company that could provide project management from end-to-end, beginning with kick-off and ending with transition into service and support. They also needed Tentacle to use an open and collaborative approach, involving DCC throughout the project.
The list of services required included:
- WCAG 2.1 AA compliance
- Project and Delivery Management
- Installation and configuration
- Site Design and Development
- Functionality and Content addition
- SEO and Compliance
- Site Transition
- Training

What we delivered

Tentacle performed all functionality and delivered within the strict deadline. The solution we delivered was:
- Design modifications to the existing site with new features and improvements on the design of existing features
- Integrated thousands of records of data
- Implemented analytics
- Developed a site search tool
- Improved functionality in Gated Areas
- Implemented a bespoke Google Map
- Improved overall Data Security

Client feedback

Thank you very much for all your rapid work on this. Have very much enjoyed working with you also.

Julie Craik
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