Rest Assured Your ThunderBolt Comes With Exceptionally Reliable Support

From day one, your staff will receive unparalleled support across all aspects of ThunderBolt, including comprehensive on-site training and access to an array of enhanced support resources.

Adaptive Customisation

The way your business operates is unique, which is why we offer Adaptive Customisation when you purchase ThunderBolt. With Adaptive Customisation, our team will tailor ThunderBolt to precisely match the specific needs and requirements of your business.

Your account manager and our senior analyst will work closely with your staff to understand your business processes, workflows, and objectives, ensuring ThunderBolt is customised to seamlessly integrate into your operations.

Early Life Support

The launch of ThunderBolt should be a pivotal moment for your business. So that is why we offer Early Life Support with every purchase of ThunderBolt. It is designed to provide you with fast assistance and expert guidance during this critical phase.

To do this we will ensure enough Tentacle resources are available for:

  • Heightened support for any staff queries
  • Resolve any operational issues
  • Daily meetings with your account manager

Running Operational Support

After your Early Life Support ends, Tentacle will provide a Running Operational Support service for your staff.

Our phone lines are open between

  • Mon-Fri 9am to 5pm

Email support is available between

  • Mon-Fri 9am to 5pm
  • Sat 10am to 3pm
  • Sun 10am to 1pm

There is even a support window within the ThunderBolt system where any issues reported will raise a ticket with our super support team.

Going Live Plan

ThunderBolt Customisation

Duration: 2-3 Weeks

  • Adaptive Customisation
  • Server & Database Setup
  • Current Data Migration
  • Customise DB Values
  • Setup Staff

ThunderBolt Training

Duration: 1 Day

  • Full System and App Training
  • Onsite and video provided
  • Further training provided via video calls and online resources

ThunderBolt Launch

Duration: 1 Week

  • Early Life Support (1 month)
  • Domain & Email Setup
  • App Deployment
  • 3rd Party Frameworks Setup

Frequently Asked Questions

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