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Whilst talking with software experts about your data, they are bound to mention Encryption. We all know it has something to do with securing our data but what exactly is it?

When Tentacle’s Glasgow based developers need to protect your data, they will use encryption. Encryption makes the text in your database that you wish to hide unreadable to everyone except the code that holds the decryption key. This decryption key is the secret code that can transform the unreadable, scrambled text which is referred to as ciphertext.

Using encryption will help protect all your company’s confidential digital data and provide data security for sensitive information. However, this becomes more important as your company starts storing vast amounts of your user’s and staff’s information in your cloud database. So much so, it becomes difficult to develop aps without personal data ending up in an organization’s networked computer system, which is why it’s important to know how to help keep that data private.

There are several types of encryption, each dealing with different end-user needs however, here are the most common examples:


Elliptic curve cryptography




Triple DES


Encryption is especially important for keeping your website’s HTTP requests and responses secure. Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure, or HTTPS, is the protocol responsible for keeping your connections secure and authenticating your application’s servers.

Rest assured, all of Tentacle’s applications have Encryption built-in from a foundational level. This is especially true for our ThunderBolt Platform.

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