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Tokenization is an excellent method used by software companies like Tentacle Solutions to ensure data security. Our team based in Glasgow, Scotland, will essentially take your sensitive data and substitute it with unique worthless data, equivalent value - known as a “token”.

So, an example would be where Tentacle would take your user’s email and passwords and replace them with what is known as a “token”, meaning that your clients' actual data is only accessible by people with the unique security key i.e. your company. This ensures that any hacker who gets into Tentacle servers will be incapable to access your sensitive data.

As no key or algorithm can make a guess, it means anyone wanting to hack your data will have to try harder and eventually give up.  Also, the lack of computations in tokenization also means that your system will require significantly less computing power allowing quick access to your  data when you and your staff need it.

This means Tokenization will save your company both your money and sleepless nights.

However, despite being all good, there are several options with tokens that your company will have to consider. For instance, do you use high-value tokens, low-value tokens, single or multi-use? It can be a confusing and daunting experience to choose between them, wondering how to make them work together and without spending days on the cryptanalysis, encryption, and tokenization books.

That's where a good software developing house shows its pedigree – after establishing your needs and interest by understanding how your business works, like Tentacle Solutions will do, they can advise you and implement the tokenization solution that is right for your particular business and make it as safe as possible from any hacking attempts.

Keep your data safe!

To read more on Tokenization check out our article - TOKENIZATION: ENDGAME FOR HACKERS

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