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No matter what industry your company operates in, if you store data on a cloud, then you will need to take Cybersecurity very seriously. So what exactly is Cybersecurity?

Cybersecurity is the procedures put in place in order to protect your cloud servers and networks from hacking or theft. Cloud security covers the very best practices that can be put in place to protect your cloud computing applications. This includes the data your company is storing on the cloud.

To secure your cloud services, Tentacle’s team in Glasgow will begin with understanding what data and applications need to be secured, as well as understanding the protocols and staff access your company needs to have in place.

As an overview, your application’s backend development must be checked against security vulnerabilities as well as employing proper service configurations and safe use habits by your staff. Additionally, our team will check that any end-user hardware and networks are properly secured.

Your company will want to ensure they have a strong cybersecurity strategy. This means having layers of protection which will each be used to resist any attempts of cybercrime. Ideally the following countermeasures should be addressed:

- Infrastructure security

- Network security

- Application security

- Cloud security

- Information security

- Disaster recovery

Here are a few principles you can follow:

- Do not leave your cloud default settings unchanged. Using the default settings gives a hacker access.

- Use strong passwords which include a mix of letters, numbers and special characters.

- Protect all the devices you use to access your cloud data, including smartphones and tablets

- Back up your data regularly so that in the event of a cloud outage or data loss you can restore your data fully.

- Modify permissions to prevent any individual or device from having access to all your data

- Install anti-virus and anti-malware software

- Ensure you do not access your data on public Wi-Fi

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