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Call to Action (CTA)

During your discussions with Tentacle’s Glasgow based UX design team, they will most probably want to discuss what CTAs you would like added. A CTA, short for Call To Action, is something designed to entice your users to take a preferred action.

An example of a CTA could be to send an enquiry, sign up for your email list or purchase a product. In short, for a successful campaign, your marketing strategy will need a series of effective CTAs.

Some of the benefits of CTA’s are:

- to grow your audience

- to increase your sales

- to lead your visitor’s actions

For most of Tentacle’s clients, CTAs are strategically designed to lead to more sales enquiries and purchases. Ideally, it will instruct your potential customer to to complete a sale, or it can motivate them to enter your sales funnel as an interested party.

Furthermore, you can design both hard and soft CTAs, depending on where your digital visitor is in their journey. An example of a soft CTA is when you direct your visitor, who is just learning about your company, to more resources where they can learn more. Alternatively, an example of a hard CTA would be to use more direct language such as "enquire now".

Types of Calls to Action

There are a number of CTA types, including:

- for Lead Generation

- encourage to fill in Sign-Up Forms

- discover your services or products

- to keep reading and not press the back button

- follow your social media channels

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