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User Experience (UX)

You may find a lot of software companies like Tentacle Solutions talking about UX. It is best to think of User experience (UX) design as the process our Glasgow-based design teams use to create meaningful and relevant experiences for your users.

Typically, this will involve designing the entire process, from branding and designing to the usability and functionality of your application.

So, what exactly are Tentacle’s design team looking into during the UX phase? Initially, they will study your user’s perceptions of the application, their ease of use, and how to make the input and output more efficient for them.

Improving the user experience for our custom-developed applications is the most crucial part for our designers. When creating and refining your application’s design, designers take in any negative user experiences that can diminish the use. Also, they will try to incorporate any desired positive impacts, ultimately designing towards a super-refined user experience.

UX is used interchangeably with terms such as UI (User Interface). However, while UI designer will work as a subset of UX design, a UX designer keeps an eye on the entire process.

At Tentacle, our UX designers will not just focus on creating a functional application; they will also concentrate on other aspects of the user experience, such as efficiency and even fun! After all, your staff will be using these applications for a very long time, every day in the office (or at home if they are WFH).

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