What The Client Wanted

Tentacle Solutions are firm believers in supporting the local initiatives, so when we were approached with a project to promote the new cultural center for Carmarthenshire County Council, we immediately agreed. The council decided that the best way to promote and engage children ages 8-16, was to create a viral game which could be easily accessible from their website and be taken into school. Perfect fit for our team

What Tentacle Solutions Did

Tentacle Solutions and the County Council agreed that the viral game to promote the cultural centre had to provoke creativity in the children. We agreed on the concept of an empty theatre that the players could decorate and fill with seats, lights, speakers, and choose the performance. Children could drag all the items freely and place them wherever their imagination desired.

What Tentacle Solutions Delivered

Finishing within the agreed deadlines, we delivered a creative and viral web game that was easily accessible on web and mobile devices. The game was a hit and remained on the client’s site for months and allowed them to promote the new cultural centre and engage with their audience.

What The Client Said About Tentacle Solutions

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