What The Client Wanted

Having provided companies, sports events and individuals with highly successful viral games in the past, Tentacle Solutions was approached by the organisers of the 18th Commonwealth Table Tennis Championship. The game was to be based on the actual championships in order to promote their presence in Glasgow. As a marketing tool, it was to be a free game that individuals of all ages could play at their leisure.

The table tennis viral was to be a one player game that would encourage individuals to hit targets on the other side of the table for the Commonwealth. High scores were to be recorded and displayed on the associated website, with prizes including tickets for the Championship Finals.

Client's further requirement was to insert a ""keep fit"" message into the game itself to encourage people of all ages to exercise. Given the number of players and the availability of the game that our team was to create, this goal was attainable.

What Tentacle Solutions Did

"During the course of the project, the Tentacle Solutions' design and development team communicated with the client given that the scope of the project was wide and the time frame was short.

The requirements and specifications of the clients were comprehensive and, whilst allowing a little creative freedom, had specific ideas regarding the finished project. As such, Tentacle Solutions maintained contact with both Table Tennis Scotland and the body for Culture and Sport Glasgow.

It was important to make all parties happy so that the launch could go ahead as planned on time. Active negotiations over the rights and terms of the finished game were sought with both parties to ensure the smoothness of the process.

What Tentacle Solutions Delivered

Tentacle Solutions effectively commenced work after all specifications were received and built the entire game within a short period of time. We kept the client informed throughout the design process and the consequent build, and provided them with the following:

The game itself.

A fully functional and comprehensive website to host the game and provide users with a seamless experience, including highscore boards.

A full back-end admin site to ensure that the client could monitor the viral, monitor its use and ensure that its message was being transmitted effectively

This particular game received incredible feedback from users that went beyond client's expectations and enticed an audience that may not have known about the Commonwealth Table Tennis Championship let alone the fact that it was to be held in Glasgow.

What The Client Said About Tentacle Solutions

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