3 things to never do when choosing your next CRM

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Finding the right CRM for your business is not a decision which should be made with a few clicks on a Google search. Before you set out on your search quest, work with your colleagues to consider what you will need from your CRM, your company's budget and any other features your staff may need.

To help you choose your next CRM, we have come up with some things you should NOT do when making a decision.

#1 Do not keep up with your business equivalent of the Joneses

TL;DR: Don't FOMO: Choose Based on Your Needs, Not Trends.

Although it is important to understand what other companies are doing, simply relying on their selection criteria will not necessarily work for your company.

Just selecting a CRM because it is being “allegedly"" used by say the BBC, BMW or Bank of [insert your country here] then we are assuming you make all your business decisions based on them?

Furthermore, as these large companies are prone to compartmentalise their technology, your business will be forced to adopt your entire purchasing tactics to something that they only used for a particular division, remote location and even for a short time.

Also, it is a trade secret that the chances of those companies actually using that CRM product are extremely remote. But those logos look cool though, eh!

#2 Not checking where the servers are located

TL;DR: Data Location Matters: Know Where Your Information Resides.

This is a question that is rarely asked to tech companies and they love you for it!

As you can imagine, a server in London can and probably does have the same hardware as a server in say Beijing. However, the costs from server warehouses can be almost half the more east you are willing to go.

So, tech companies do what every other company in other industries do - they will spend less and charge more.

By asking, you are forcing the company to reveal the location of where your business data will reside. You can then make an informed decision on whether that country's data laws align with your business ethics. Also, you can match it against what you have promised to your clients!

#3 Forgetting there are other fish in the sea

TL;DR: Don't Get Trapped in Website Sales Tactics.

Most CRM companies will try and keep you on their site to the point you will decide to switch to “screw it lets buy it"" mode.

They do this with some really clever techniques. One of these is known to tech companies as “really really clever links"" or more publicly called “CTAs"" aka “Call to Actions"".

CTAs are designed to keep you from hitting the back button and checking other CRM companies on the Google search. This is accomplished by predicting what your mind may be thinking at a certain point on the page and then offering the solution in the form of a link/banner which essentially leads you deeper into the website.

Eventually you will be so deep, hitting the back button is completely useless. It is like walking into a department store and finding yourself at the back with no sight of an exit - only delicious treats that are on sale.

How to avoid this? Always open links from Google search in a new tab.

Let us know how you get on!

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