3 (rather silly) Reasons Your Company Does Not Need AI

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Scrolling through LinkedIn, Facebook or Reddit, it is easy to believe that ever is jumping on the AI bandwagon faster than you can say "remember metaverse".

It is hard to ignore though isn’t it. The power of ChatGPT (and to a lesser extent Gemini) is outstanding. However, we are about to look at 3 tongue in cheek reasons why your company might want to steer clear of the AI frenzy.

Reason #1: "We prefer our office gossip to be human-made, thank you very much."

Who needs the cold, calculating efficiency of AI when we all really walk over to the break room for a cup of freshly brewed drama and gossip? From passive-aggressive conversations we missed the day before to epic email battles that took place from 6am, we thrive on the human touch of workplace intrigue.

Sure, AI might be able to analyse data and optimise processes, but can it relay the scandals in a way that we all wake up for? We think not. So, while other companies may be busy automating their workflows, we'll be over here enjoying the soap opera that is the human workplace – Greggs glazed donuts are optional, but highly recommended.

Reason #2: "We're Holding Out for AI to Perfect the Art of Procrastination"

Sure, AI may be able to analyse data at lightning speed with god like efficiency, but can it procrastinate with the best of them? We think not.

Until the day comes when AI can waste hours scrolling through cat videos or engaging in heated debates about how awesome the 80s were, count us out. We'll be over here perfecting the fine art of putting things off until the last minute – a skill that no amount of technological wizardry can replicate. One deadline at a time.

Reason #3: "We're Afraid AI Will Develop a Case of Digital Diva Syndrome"

Let's face it – AI has a bit of an ego problem. With headlines boasting about AI's latest triumphs, it's only a matter of time before it demands its own corner office or insists on being promoted.

We are not ready to cater to AI's diva demands just yet. We'll stick with good old-fashioned human humility – typos, coffee stains, and all. So, while other companies may be busy polishing AI's digital ego, we'll be over here embracing our humanity – flaws and all.

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