What The Client Wanted

Our clients - Fastfixx, a major catering repair firm in Glasgow, who for the last 30 years had been using the same archaic access database system. Since their current developer was retiring, they braced themselves for a substantial update.

What Tentacle Solutions Did

Our development team's preliminary analysis had shown that the biggest issue we will be facing is that the system had 30 years of minor patches all over the place - yet somehow it all worked, and our client was afraid that a new provider would not understand their system.

What Tentacle Solutions Delivered

Within six months, Tentacle Solutions completely revamped a vast and complicated mess into a sleek, could-based web SQL system. It was fast, efficient, and provided all the functionality of the old system - including Sage invoicing. On top of that, our developers provided an HTML5 mobile system for their engineers which allowed them to quickly collect their day sheets on their mobiles.

What The Client Said About Tentacle Solutions

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