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United – Developing a secure solution to operate a stock control system for retailers across the country

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This retail giant needed to centralise the stock levels data and make it accessible to anyone with appropriate clearance to be up to date on all the important information and make necessary decisions quickly.

Our solution

They required a secure system that allow their business to operate a stock control system that incorporated 3 or 4 depots and all their shops around the country.

Tentacle went beyond the call of duty with our new database systems. We will be rolling the system out into all our sites very soon.Michael

What Tentacle Solutions Did

The first step for the Tentacle Solutions development team was to visit the client’s main shops and their depots to understand the processes required for the software and the type of operators that they would be using. We needed to understand their abilities to know how complex the software is to guarantee maximum accessibility. We would also establish the security levels required and how many people would access particular elements of our new project in both the shops and the depots.

What Tentacle Solutions Delivered

As the result of our research and development, Tentacle Solutions delivered an online .NET system that ultimately added more functionality than was originally expected, which resulted in 25% accurate data being reported than before the implementation.

Technologies we used

ASP. NET / HTML5 / SQL / VB / ThunderBolt / Windows Server

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