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Case study

iReg – Establishing a cloud-based solution for the delivery process and recording of stock levels.

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LifeTraq is an interactive and innovative platform designed to provide comprehensive support for people coping with difficult life situations. This revolutionary project was initiated by an American entrepreneur whose goal is to improve the quality of human life and reduce recidivism, addiction relapses, and related deaths. This system can be used in the US’s toughest prisons, addiction centers, and educational system.

Our solution

The goal was to ensure efficient control of supply to small and large businesses alike, so every one of them received the merchandise they needed on time.

Quick and efficient developmentEdward

What Tentacle Solutions Did

During the development of the project, Tentacle Solutions software development team visited six different pharmacies established the delivery process and recording of stock levels. We had to work with the new regulations and our client to create a system that would be accessible and would compile comprehensive reports as and when necessary.

What Tentacle Solutions Delivered

As a result, Tentacle Solutions delivered a Windows .NET executive desktop system. It allowed the pharmacies to work on a new and intuitive platform and transfer the information as required. The system would automatically back up the data as a precautionary measure.

Technologies we used

ASP. NET / HTML5 / SQL / VB / ThunderBolt / Windows Server

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