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ACDC – Replacing the current system of excel sheets and access database with our Manufacturing solution

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An extremely successful lighting manufacturer from North-West England had researched all the available off-the-shelf packages that offer such a system, but ultimately all failed to cover every aspect of the manufacturing business.

Our solution

Tentacle Solutions were tasked to organize and coordinate their business efficiently under one comprehensive system.

We worked with Tentacle over a period of 6 months to develop our new database systems. Very happy to recommendEddie

What Tentacle Solutions Did

Unlike other systems with limited functions, our system had to take care of every aspect of their business, including maintaining stock levels, the number of sales, and the level of production, thus allowing feedback at all stages of the process

At Tentacle Solutions, we knew that they needed a system where communication was key, and, thus, meant to rule over all the other elements of the business to be a success. All departments needed to use one system, where the information was centralised. This meant ease of retrieving information without phoning/emailing or shouting to someone, saving everyone’s time.

What Tentacle Solutions Delivered

We visited the client over 12 times for 11 months. During each visit, we concentrated on the separate parts of the client’s manufacturing process to learn the inside-out of the industry and the clients’ premises. This enabled us to produce a more comprehensive .NET software system that covered every stage and aspect of their business, making it smooth, accessible, and efficient.

Technologies we used

ASP. NET / HTML5 / SQL / VB / ThunderBolt / Windows Server

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