A powerful CRM to help build your company's relationshipsCustomise Your CRM Sales Software

A powerful CRM to help build your company's relationships

A powerful CRM to help build your company's relationships

Convert better, work better, and create better bonds with your customers using ThunderBolt's CRM application which is tailored to your business demands.

Useful to your staff

Streamline your sales process and save time with a custom designed sales software that your team will actively use, rather than avoiding it.

All data and software on one platform

Optimised for your company, ThunderBolt CRM has all the tools in one place and seamlessly integrates with PMO, Timesheets and other ThunderBolt modules.

Seamless client journey

Your sales team will be able to “handover” their clients to the next team in your company, quickly and easily. ThunderBolt CRM is connected to the same platform as all other applications such as Project Management which means all information can be securely passed over to the next team.

"Fae" Glasgow

Your perfect solution begins with our experienced team of analysts, developers, designers and testers that are based in Glasgow, Scotland.

Automate your staff’s workflow

Automate laborious aspects of your sales team’s workflow by encouraging them to focus on more important and rewarding tasks. Schedule calls faster, organize follow-up campaigns, and effectively organise data with ThunderBolt CRM.

If your staff juggle hundreds of spreadsheets and struggle with disjointed project management apps, they will need an application that can manage everything in one space, optimised for your business. Tentacle’s ThunderBolt platform will allow your company to command all sales data on one screen. In addition, with our CRM, your company will integrate seamlessly with all other ThunderBolt applications that will allow your staff to manage every workflow and process in one place.

  • Automate routine tasks to save time and increase productivity
  • Manage sales teams and processes
  • Improve organization and collaboration
  • Manage opportunities efficiently
  • Generate accurate sales reports, forecasts, and trends.
Automate your staff’s workflow
Make smarter offers and close more deals

Make smarter offers and close more deals

Understanding your prospects equips you to better serve their needs by presenting more relevant and irresistible offers for them. With appropriate lead management and lead-scoring features available in the ThunderBolt CRM tool, your sales team can quickly:

  • recognize the MQLs over the SQLs
  • concentrate on helping prospects meet their needs
  • nurture leads
  • ultimately convert prospects into loyal customers.

Execute data-driven plans

Design custom dashboards to get a picture of your pipelines and customer journeys to get insights and make smarter decision and plans. With every interaction, email, and contact automatically tracked in the ThunderBolt CRM, your whole business will have a unified view of each customer and their journey.

This context-driven relationship will allow your staff to remove the guesswork and instead help them make informed decisions, prepare forecasts, and develop sales plans based on real life data. Generate reports, plans, and forecasts and share them within the ThunderBolt family of business applications or one-click export and share them externally.

Execute data-driven plans

Frequently Asked Questions

  • ThunderBolt allows your business to run multiple business applications on a single powerful platform. This means that your data throughout all departments and applications remains in one central database.

  • Short answer: it is the best of both worlds. It is better to think of ThunderBolt as inbetween the two extremes of SaaS and Custom Software. With SaaS you are one of many people using the software which means that you do not own the IP or data. With Custom Software you have to start from scratch and this means high cost. With ThunderBolt, you own the IP and data plus you can customise modules and applications that have already been developed and tested.

  • Yes. Our team will work with you to ensure your ThunderBolt software is connected to all the third party apps you are currently using.

  • The data belongs to you. You have full control on where the data is hosted, who can access it and what methods can be used to analyse it.

  • There are many reasons ThunderBolt is better however you will find the biggest reason for choosing us is that the code and data will ultimately belong to you and your company . Also, you are not constrained by monthly license fees nor by the fact that your sensitive data is being held along with hundreds of other companies’ data. Finally the entire platform will be branded and customised for your company which in essence means that it will become one of your company’s most valuable assets.

  • Yes; and our marketing team will ensure you are kept up todate with the latest news and releases. At any time you can "bolt" on more applications with no downtime to your current software.

  • ThunderBolt belongs to you and of course if you want to stop using it, you can. All the data is still yours, residing on your server.

  • Yes; as part of the customisation process, our team will work with your company to ensure that all third party apps are connected.

  • This does depend on the level of customisation. However, we find that your company will be using the platform within 2-4 weeks of the design signoff period.

  • If you are happy with our proposal, then you will be assigned an account manager who will get you the first available development slot. The first step will be to begin to document the system in the form of functional document. This document once approved will ultimately act as a guide for our developers throughout the entire development cycle. Also, the completed system will be tested against the specs laid out in this document.

  • We are confident we can deliver a solution that will fulfil all your requirements thus ensuring that Tentacle and your company will enjoy working together for many years to come.

    To that end we will only ask for payment at “Testing Signoff” i.e. after complete development and when you have had a chance to use AND APPROVE the system. At any stage before this, you are free to walk away at no cost to yourselves.

  • Our goal is to keep you in the loop whilst we develop your system. To achieve this Tentacle Solutions will provide you with frequent updates sent by your account manager.

  • As your staff’s day to day operations grow and diversify so should your system. Tentacle Solutions will be on hand to offer solutions to your needs no matter how small or large the job may be.

  • Absolutely not! The advantage to selecting ThunderBolt is that you will be always be in control of your system’s code and I.P. This means you will be able to easily move your system to another provider / development company.

  • All our products come with a 12 month warranty. We also have a multi-tiered support team that will be ready to help you at any time.

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Industries We Serve


A solution just for your security business; easily schedule your field staff, create custom forms to be filled, embed geo-locked apps onto your staff phones and discover key insights with our detailed reports.

Travel and Tourism

Achieve end-to-end operations management for your travel company. From organising your packages, communications with suppliers to creating detailed quotes and managing bookings.

Retail and E-commerce

A cloud-based solution will allow your company to easily track time and attendance, create and edit employee schedules, review timesheets, manage your ordering system and update your inventory in real time.

Health and Social Care

Your organisation is unique and so should be the software that helps run your day to day operations for your staff. We can help develop unique solutions for home and residential care services.


Unfortunately the current plethora of SaaS options for engineering firms don’t quite tick all the boxes. Tentacle can develop a unique, future-proof system that will be unique to your company.

Public Sector

Public sector bodies have unique needs for licensing and procurement. ThunderBolt is a platform that can help you achieve your goals across co-operative and single agency contracts.

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Get your staff connecting and collaborating on your unique company workflows from anywhere.

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Get your staff working on the most important tasks and optimise how your teams spend their time.

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