Migrate Your Data With ConfidenceMove to the Cloud With SQL Migration Experts

Migrate Your Data With Confidence

Migrate Your Data With Confidence

With Tentacle’s “No Data Left Behind” policy, your business can now look to expand and boost your technology without sacrificing your existing data.

Our Glasgow based team at Tentacle Solutions have been migrating Access databases to our ThunderBolt Cloud based platform since 2001.

Expert Analysis

Your company’s data migration will be in the hands of our team of senior systems analysts. Their years of experience combined will ensure, no matter how old or complicated your current data collection system is, they will architect a way for our software developers to migrate your data.

Develop Your System

Instead of sacrificing company data due to the constraints of SaaS Applications, your company will be able to design your new System to adapt to how your company currently operates. Give your staff the System they want and need for their day to day operations.

Productivity Boost

Microsoft Access/Excel is a great starter option for many small businesses. As your operations expand, so will your database requirements. ThunderBolt’s powerful platform offers greater processing speed, increased functionality, and improved performance to meet your expanding business needs.

"Fae" Glasgow

Your perfect solution begins with our experienced team of analysts, developers, designers and testers that are based in Glasgow, Scotland.

Customise for your business

When migrating your data, why not remove the noise and clutter that would ordinarily distract your staff. With ThunderBolt, you can choose the tools, dashboards and flows that your team will use. This means your staff are not forced to use unnecessarily complicated software. If your staff juggle hundreds of spreadsheets or struggle with disjointed project management and time tracking apps then you need to consider an application that can manage everything in one space that's optimised for your business. By getting rid of tedious workflows, your team will have more time to focus on the work that matters.

  • automated reminders and notifications
  • approve or refuse leave requests, events, holidays, and time off
  • multi-level managerial access based on your corporate structure
Customise For Your Business
Simplify WFH

Simplify WFH

Ensuring your team stays on the same page while remaining productive whilst they are sitting at home can mean resorting to micromanagement. ThunderBolt’s cloud-based applications helps closely track tasks, collaborate within and between teams efficiently, and track project progress across multiple time zones, languages, and devices (web, android and iOS) as if your team members never left the office. All of your data will always be a click away.

  • time zone-sensitive scheduling
  • team collaboration tools
  • calendar and schedule transparency
  • cross-platform and mobile

Manage your data securely

Keep tabs on all your operations —including CRM, Project Management, Staff Timesheets, and more—directly from your ThunderBolt secure cloud database. Quickly identify what’s working for your business and make smart, data-driven decisions about where to put your budget and team's efforts without worrying about security and integrity of your data.

  • advanced reports and analytics
  • secure cloud database
  • third-party app integrations
  • non-predatory data policies
  • forecasting and planning based on historical data
  • increased transparency and efficiency
Manage Your Data Securely

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Industries We Serve


A solution just for your security business; easily schedule your field staff, create custom forms to be filled, embed geo-locked apps onto your staff phones and discover key insights with our detailed reports.

Travel and Tourism

Achieve end-to-end operations management for your travel company. From organising your packages, communications with suppliers to creating detailed quotes and managing bookings.

Retail and E-commerce

A cloud-based solution will allow your company to easily track time and attendance, create and edit employee schedules, review timesheets, manage your ordering system and update your inventory in real time.

Health and Social Care

Your organisation is unique and so should be the software that helps run your day to day operations for your staff. We can help develop unique solutions for home and residential care services.


Unfortunately the current plethora of SaaS options for engineering firms don’t quite tick all the boxes. Tentacle can develop a unique, future-proof system that will be unique to your company.

Public Sector

Public sector bodies have unique needs for licensing and procurement. ThunderBolt is a platform that can help you achieve your goals across co-operative and single agency contracts.