Software Development Terms



When it comes to deciding how much to spend on your website or application’s server specs, then one question you will need to address is how much bandwidth will you need? So, what is bandwidth?

Bandwidth will be the maximum amount of data transfer rate your site will need. Think of it as how much data that can be sent in a given amount of time.  An example of bandwidth would be 1,000 Mbps.

It is important to note that while bandwidth describes network speeds, it does not tell you how fast your data will move. Instead, bandwidth will measure the amount of data that can flow through your server and your users.

When thinking about bandwidth, it helps to think of it like a circular tube that carries wires. If you have a thin tube (i.e. small bandwidth), it will take a far longer time for your data to flow through it. Conversely, a larger tube (i.e. high bandwidth), your data will flow quicker.

Finally, your data will reach a bottleneck when it hits lower bandwidths. Generally, you you’re your servers to have the most bandwidth possible, so you can eliminate any bottlenecks.

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