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Code Auditing

Tentacle’s Glasgow based team’s code audit is a comprehensive analysis of your source code. The intent of this audit is to discover bugs, security breaches and violations of our standardised programming conventions. 

For Tentacle, it is an integral part of our defensive programming paradigm. Overall this attempts to reduce errors before your software is released. It should be noted that our ASP.NET Core MVC source code has fewer potentially vulnerable functions (e.g., functions that do not check for illegal bounds).

When Tentacle Analyst audit your software, they cover every critical component that should be audited separately and together within the entire framework. Our staff will search for all high-risk vulnerabilities first and then work down to the lowes-risk vulnerabilities. 

Vulnerabilities in between high-risk and low-risk will depend on your operational code and how the source code in question is being used. Application penetration testing will identify vulnerabilities in your software by launching as many known attack techniques as possible on likely access points in an attempt to bring down your application. 

Overall code auditing is a common method and can be used to find out if any specific vulnerabilities exist. 

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