Software Development Terms



In the non tech world, bootstrapping is defined as "a process or platform which helps someone towards being self-reliant and self-equipped."

When Tentacle's Glasgow based staff say bootstrapping, they could mean one of two things depending on who is saying it. If it is designer, then they will be referring to bootstrapping in terms of web design. Otherwise if they are a developer, then they are referring to compilers.

Let us look at bootstrapping in web design. It is essentially just a collection of files (CSS and JavaScript). When one of our web designers connect these files to your site, a large number of these bootstrapped classes and ready-made components will become available for design layout. This allows your site to be highly responsive and effective on all devices.

There are several advantages of using web design bootstrapping. These include:

   - it accelerates the initial creation of layouts

   - instant cross-browser and adaptability

   - sites created using Bootstrap are identically displayed on all devices

A Tentacle Software Developer would define bootstrapping as language compilers that are able to be coded in the same language.

An example is a C compiler written in the C language. Once the basic compiler is written, improvements can be iteratively made, thus pulling the language up by its bootstraps!

Bootstrapping a compiler has many advantages however the most important being that compiler developers and bug reporters only need to know the language being compiled.


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