What The Client Wanted

The Tentacle Solutions got involved in this project when the Denmark-based client was let down by the original supplier, a Hungarian game development company, who had failed to deliver within the 6 agreed upon months.

Our client was understandably disappointed with the level of service it had received up until that point. Of course, it did not help that they already had a multi-million pound TV advertising campaign signed off by that point.

They were desperate for a talented game development firm to start work on the game from scratch and develop the three-part series of games… within 1 month. This was a sixth of the time that the original company had! Could we do it? Of course, Tentacle Solutions could!

What Tentacle Solutions Did

After an initial conversation with the client, Tentacle Solutions realised the urgency of the situation and agreed to meet with the client in London.

During the meeting, we quickly identified the main areas for development and concentrated on scheduling them first, ploughing all of our resources into the development process so that the games would be ready to go live before the advertising campaign got into full swing.

The games were developed enough to go live on time. However, after the three sites went live we continued to work on developing the full site to ensure that the client received a finished product.

What Tentacle Solutions Delivered

"We delivered 3 games in total – Luna Magica, Happy Puppies and Predators. Each of the games featured:

Complex XML programming onto a SQL Server

2-way chat

Lots of mini games that interact and implement into the main SQL server

2-Way racing game

Card upload facility

Games based around their series of trading cards

A shopping experiencing

A dining experience

A dynamic educational experience

What The Client Said About Tentacle Solutions

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