What The Client Wanted

Since its foundation in 1991, Tentacle Solutions has provided high-quality games design and development for high-profile companies, government bodies, and individuals looking to promote their brands and goods. ChannelBee is one of them. After we produced a successful game for them during the Ashes cricket series, they contacted us to produce a brand new viral game – an online version of the Celebrity Face Off game that they do on their show.

Our team was asked to design and build a game that mirrored the concept of ChannelBee’s Celebrity Face Off - a series of images of celebrities that the featured celebrity on the show has to identify them. The idea was to offer the opportunity to the audience, too, with a board of high scores.

A further requirement for the game was to give the players two options – a one player game or a two player game. This option appears on the introduction page so that players could immediately choose to pit their wits against another player and compare scores at the end of the game.

What Tentacle Solutions Did

"When all the specifications were agreed upon, the Tentacle Solutions UK based games design and development team began producing the game. As ChannelBee required such a specific format, little creative input was available for the team.

The provided requirements ensured that there had to be constant communication to ensure that the client was happy with the level of progress throughout the design and development stages. The development of the viral went smoothly as a result and this sped up the delivery of the game, ensuring it got to ChannelBee ahead of schedule to ensure that it went live on time.

What Tentacle Solutions Delivered

"Tentacle Solutions established the specifications that ChannelBee wanted to be incorporated into the game before beginning to develop it. Additionally, the company wanted it built into the website so that its visitors could access and play the game to their heart’s content. The entire game was built within a short period of time and was fully functional prior to delivery. We provided the client with the following:

The brand new Flash game featuring a cartoon figure of Tim Lovejoy, the famous face behind ChannelBee.

Full integration into the ChannelBee website to ensure that it flowed smoothly and was completely bug-free prior to its launch.

Full database integration to ensure the high-quality game could be fully monitored and collate high scores that have been achieved during the game.

As with ChannelBee's previous project, they were happy with the final results. It went above and beyond their expectations and provided their visitors with an excellent game. The online version of the live game has been a massive hit and so everyone was incredibly happy with the quality and reception it received.

What The Client Said About Tentacle Solutions

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