What The Client Wanted

For this particular case study, the bosses of Cactus TV, contacted Tentacle Solutions. Cactus TV wanted a game before the pilot episode aired, thus giving Tentacle Solutions’s team just two weeks to design the game for it to be used live on the show as an ongoing feature.

The idea presented was designed to add another dimension to the show in a way that complemented the episodes, refreshing the viewers' interest. Conceptually it was a game aimed at securing a place on the leaderboard, much like that pioneered by Top Gear, whose segment “Star In A Reasonably Priced Car” had proven to be a massive hit.

Cactus TV’s challenge was to be a celebrity walking along a red carpet. Before said celebrity reached the end of the carpet, he or she would be pestered by fans and the paparazzi and had to behave accordingly in order to accumulate points.

What Tentacle Solutions Did

After speaking to representatives at Cactus TV over the phone, we immediately flew to London to meet with them. Given the tight deadlines, that initial meeting was crucial to start development as soon as possible.

Following the initial meeting, Tentacle Solutions began designing and developing the game to their initial specifications, remaining in constant contact the entire time to ensure that we were working in complete harmony.

Aside from being fully informed regarding the development process, Cactus TV was also sent several demo versions of the game in order to provide feedback in line with their requirements and specifications. This feedback was then used by Tentacle Solutions to gauge exactly where the development process was and how to progress to ensure that the game would be delivered on time.

What Tentacle Solutions Delivered

Despite the two-week deadline, Tentacle Solutions delivered the fully functional game on time. It was a polished game that delivered in every single way. All of Cactus TV’s requirements were fully met after many late nights spent by our team, making changes right up until the finish.

The game Tentacle Solutions created and delivered for Cactus TV has fulfilled all of the aims that it was designed to achieve and has proved to be a huge success on all levels.

What The Client Said About Tentacle Solutions

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