What The Client Wanted

Tentacle Solutions's UK-based games design and development team has earned an outstanding reputation for the production and release of numerous viral sports games and became the go-to solution for various companies and events. One of the recent projects involved producing fifteen games for Bauer Media's Match Magazine Christmas edition on a tight deadline - within a month.

All fifteen games had to be unique and innovative, offering something brand new for all players to ensure that the readers could choose their game and then move onto the next one for a new experience as and when they liked. All games were also to feature Matchy, the magazine's iconic character.

Although all the readers of Match Magazine are already football fans, the games were designed to not only promote the magazine itself but to encourage individuals to translate their skills from the computer screen onto a real-life pitch. As such, each game had to be outstanding and fit in well with the existing brand.

What Tentacle Solutions Did

The Match project was an incredibly fun one to undertake for the UK-based games design and development team at Tentacle Solutions but it also had to be incredibly structured because of the tight one-month deadline and the sheer amount of work.

We had never undertaken such a large project in such a short space of time.

As such, we ensured that we remained in constant contact with the client to ensure that all specifications satisfied the client at every step of the way. It was necessary to work long hours but the achieved result was worth it.

The requirements and specifications laid out for us were very specific but the project did allow a little creative freedom. Although we had a character to work with and instructions to ensure that every one of the fifteen games was new and unique, we were given license to come up with the ideas and put them into practice during the development phase. This allowed us to offer a product that featured the match logo and was able to promote the magazine effectively as well as offering a high-quality gaming experience.

What Tentacle Solutions Delivered

Tentacle Solutions' UK-based games design and development team began designing and building the fifteen games as soon as all specifications were received in full from Match Magazine. The short deadline and the scale of the project were a feat in themselves. However, after incorporating all requirements and specifications, our team delivered the following ahead of schedule:

Fifteen separate games to provide all Match Magazine readers with a choice of Christmas games.

A fully functional and comprehensive website integration to host the games and provide users with a seamless experience, including individual scoreboards for each game.

A full back-end admin site to ensure that the client could monitor the use and popularity of the individual games.

All fifteen games were designed and developed within the space of a month and the client was incredibly happy with every single one of them. Bauer Media and Match Magazine were confident that their positive feedback will be mirrored in that of their readers. Tentacle Solutions' UK-based games design and development team has also effectively expanded its portfolio given the number of unique but interrelated games produced within one project.

What The Client Said About Tentacle Solutions

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