• October 18, 2019

Forget WordPress, get your own CMS

Is it possible to watch a YouTube video that is not sponsored by Wix.com or Squarespace? Sometimes it seems that it’s not. The giant that is WordPress doesn’t need any advertising at this point. The secret to the popularity of these platforms – content management systems (“CMS”), isn’t hard to crack. CMS provides all the tools you need to create, share and manage content without the need to learn the technical details of writing code for the website. Without a CMS every piece of content would require a static HTML, some CSS, some JS scripts, all uploaded online. With a good CMS, it’s just a couple of clicks.

The ubiquity and universality of CMS are the reason for their popularity and simultaneously the reason they are not for everyone. When your business needs a more specific, bespoke solution, a CMS that offers more than just blogging or a simple online store, popular platforms just won’t cut it.

That’s why two years ago Tentacle Solutions developed their own in-house content management system for their clients. What makes it different?

The ubiquity and universality of CMS are the reason for their popularity and at the same time the reason why they are not for everyone.

Difference made simple

Developers at Tentacle decided to do everything their way right off the bat. They wrote in ASP Core which is cross-platform and works perfectly on Windows, Mac OS and all major Linux distributions like Centos and Ubuntu. Therefore, all developers can run ASP Core as it is free and opensource. This means two things: it is highly customizable and when their clients wish to change the provided, the next development company can just take over the code. In addition to that, Tentacle CMS offers:

  • Flexible Roles — Tentacle's CMS system comes with a standard 3 user roles (admin, management and super management), but CMS’s flexibility allows for customization of the roles and additional rights added and removed when necessary.
  • Permalinks — The system automatically handles basic on-page optimization tasks including creating short URLs and other optimization tools.
  • Navigation — All Tentacle websites are designed and developed to be responsive whereby your site will automatically respond to the user’s behaviour and environment based on screen size, platform and orientation.
  • Сontent history — CMS allows all content to be editable (modified/deleted) anytime and features a powerful searching tool - any page can be quickly located amongst the thousands that reside in the system.
  • Social Media Sharing — Tentacle's CMS provides all pages with the social media sharing facilities and offers direct control over the social media images which will appear when the website is shared.
  • Not just blogging — Tentacle’s CMS can be used for any purpose e-commerce, documentation, portfolios, you name it.

Last but not least, Tentacle’s clients get to keep the CMS for themselves forever.

Hand-tailored CMS for your business

Instead of learning HTML or hiring in-house web-developers is an option but not necessarily the best one. Every business needs to be cost-effective and requires a unique platform to present it to its audience. Tentacle’s CMS is the best, bespoke solution for both of those needs.

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