• July 26, 2019


Who doesn’t offer cloud technologies these days?

From Amazon Alexa’s to endless Internet of Things toys, to the in-house surveillance that is baby and pet monitors. Who would’ve believed any of it just ten years ago? We all voluntarily put baby and pet monitors that capture photos and videos of your home and everyone in it and store it on some distant server inside a mountain complex with armed guards and rocket-proof gates.

Those images are probably never going to be deleted since theoretically they don’t fall under any applicable legislation or regulation. That’s in case the companies that collect that sort of information even notify you about this fact.

Cloud-based technologies are no longer the future – they are here today so how can you trust corporations and especially IT companies on what they do with your data/imagery?

It is important company managers to work with transparent technology firms so that the company can be transparent with its customers

Earning Trust

It is now more important for your company to work with 100% transparent technology firms. More so for companies that store personal data, like the ones mentioned above. If you can trust your technology partner to be transparent then in turn your clients can trust your company to be 100% transparent with their data.

Therefore it is an absolute necessity to know the following about your developers and IT services providers:

• The locations of all their servers and exactly how sensitive data is stored;

• Applicable regulations and legislation that they adhere to;

• Certifications and external audits;

• Security measures, encryption etc.

These are but the basics that are necessary for establishing a relationship built on trust. All those criteria should be held in a verifiable and checked chain.

Development houses like Tentacle Solutions, who have been developing databases for their clients for years (more than fifteen), will do everything to be transparent about their practices and the ways they handle data, their security measures, the methods of encryption and tokenization , and the level of their responsibility through being bound and audited by government-run agencies, such as Cyber Essentials and other certifications.

Checks and Balances

When your company gathers customers data, if the data is as sensitive and personal as photos and videos of your customers’ homes and children, transactions and payment details, or anything that could be used to identify and use against your customers – you not only have to make sure this data is safe, you have to be absolutely transparent about what you intend to do with it.

Only by working with experienced tech companies like Tentacle Solutions can you guarantee transparency at every step of the process. That’s how you ultimately gain your customer’s trust.

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