• November 28, 2019


There is an open secret in the world of IT– you are not bound to the same software solutions as everyone else. No one runs their business the way your company does and its technological backbone should reflect it. Was your software built with your company in mind? Some call it bespoke, some call it custom-built, others – tailor-made. But the name doesn’t change nature – this kind of software is about your company and your company only.

Like any strategic decision, it’s better to have an expert’s opinion on all the tough decisions side when you make them.

Ten reasons why

Here are the top ten features that bespoke software has got to offer:

1. It’s an investment…
It’s tempting to go for cheaper, short-term solutions. They are cheaper, ready-made and your bottom-line won’t get that much of blow when compared with custom solutions. But the long-term ROI is incomparable – the IP value of the business, the prestige and comfort return impressive numbers.

2. …A cost-effective one
The license for the bespoke software can stay with you and thus your investment and all the returns it generates – stay with you and not a Silicon Valley giant.

3. Optimization of the business process
Yes, Microsoft, Oracle and other giants are viable solutions. They may even be customizable, to some extent. But it would be ridiculous to assume that they would caringly develop a piece of corporate software with your employees in mind. Be it a simple database for a small company or a complex solution for a large corporation, “tailor-made” presupposes that the app will solve your issues, not everyone’s issues.

4. Exclusiveness
What is good for your competitor won’t work for you in the same way. So, you get the necessary features developed exclusively for you and gain an edge over your competitors.

5. Adaptability
With this type of software, you can have exactly what you want, not what market forces you to buy. Adapt tools and means to your company’s aims and ambitions, not vice versa.

6. Scalability
Comes right out of the previous feature. Bespoke software grows with you and in the direction that you choose. No sudden changes of vision, unexpected vectors of development.

7. Integration
One of the major bespoke software benefits is integrating and connecting all the other programs you are using into one place.

8. Security
If you cannot fully rely on the opinion of your software development partner or just like to manage everything on your own, custom solutions will fit your requirements. With the rising issue of cybersecurity, privacy, data integrity and the ethical dilemmas attached to them, you can order and form the level of security you need.

9. Status
That is the least tangible but nonetheless important point. Having branded software shows your partners that you mean business, that you’re trustworthy and you understand your own needs and goals.

10. Developer Support
Problems arise from time to time, even when using the ideal software. While off-the-shelf solutions may fit your business more or less ok, problems and questions are unavoidable, with manufacturer ‘improvements’ and ‘upgrades’ being notorious pinch points. Most of Tentacle’s clients opt-in for ongoing support. The comfort of knowing that you’re in good hands if any trouble comes up or you decide to grow further is priceless.

In good hands

All of the features and reasons for choosing bespoke, custom-built software are just the tip of the iceberg. Like any strategic decision, it’s better to have an expert’s opinion on all the tough decisions side when you make them. That’s why it’s better to contact Tentacle Solutions and let them guide you through the entire process of planning, designing, developing and maintaining your own bespoke database software.

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