Top 100 Best CRM Software Features

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It can be difficult to stay up-to-date with the latest CRM software developments. You need to make sure that you have access to the best features possible in order to maximise customer satisfaction and streamline your operations. To help you out, we’ve curated a list of the top 100 best CRM software features so that you can get an informed insight into what is available on today’s market. Read on for our comprehensive overview of these incredible tools which will prove essential in helping your business.

Here is a quick breakdown:

1 - Lead & Contact Management Features 2 - Automation and Customisation Features 3 - Data Analytics and Insights Features 4 - Collaboration Tools Features 5 - Security and Compliance Features 6 - Key Add-Ons

Lead & Contact Management Features

1. Lead & Contact Tracking - can be used to store information on leads, collect data about prospects or customers over time, diagnose problems and increase team efficiency.

2. Multi-Channel Functionality - integrate multiple channels including email marketing campaigns (triggered emails), web forms/landing pages/chatbot integrations, direct mail capabilities, etc., into the CRM system for maximum outreach potential to target customers based on their preferences and increase engagement levels across mediums.

3. Custom Fields - allows users to store and organise customer data in order to tailor marketing campaigns, track customer interactions, and create actionable insights to improve customer service.

4. Call Tracking - allows businesses to monitor and manage their inbound and outbound calls, track marketing campaigns, and measure customer engagement by recording and analysing conversations.

5. Lead Scoring - allows marketers to evaluate the value of leads within the sales funnel by assigning scores based on activities, demographics and other qualifying criteria.

6. External Ticketing - provides organisations with the ability to track and manage customer inquiries, requests and complaints efficiently and effectively, while providing improved communication between the organisation and its customers.

7. Prospecting - enables sales teams to identify and capture prospective customers by organising, tracking and managing customer conversations and activities in order to qualify leads and strategically target potential customers who are more likely to be interested in the company's products or services.

CRM - prospecting customers

8. Contact & Account Tracking - enables businesses to log customer interactions, store notes, and monitor accounts.

Automation and Customisation Features

9. Automated Customer Segmentation - enables businesses to customise their customer experience by dividing customers into distinct groups based on their preferences and characteristics, allowing for more targeted marketing strategies and improved customer service.

10. Activity Scheduling & Reminder Notifications - helps to keep customers on track with their tasks, increasing their productivity and engagement.

11. Customizable Customer Segments - can help businesses more accurately target and segment their customers, allowing for higher focus and personalization of each customer's experience.

12. Virtual Agents for Auto-Responding to Inquiries - enables businesses to quickly and efficiently respond to customer inquiries without the need for manual intervention. This can save time, resources and money whilst ensuring customers receive timely responses to their queries.

13. Advanced Search Filters to Quickly Find Records Based on Criteria - utilising a range of advanced filtering options can save time and provide more accurate results.

14. Automated Background Checks That Can Verify Contact Information - provides users with an efficient way to quickly and accurately run checks on potential customers or business contacts.

15. Workflow Automation Capability - users can easily automate manual and tedious business processes, thus improving efficiency and freeing up resources to focus on more important tasks.

16. Template-Driven Letter, Email, SMS & Chatbot Scripting - provides businesses with the ability to quickly create predefined customer communications that can be tailored to fit the specific needs of the company or individual customer, while still maintaining a high degree of accuracy and consistency across all customer interactions.

17. Integrations With Third-Party Applications - provides businesses with a comprehensive way to automate customer interactions and increase customer satisfaction, by allowing them to seamlessly integrate their customer data across disparate systems, streamlining customer-facing operations and helping to deliver a better overall experience.

18. Comprehensive Marketing Automation - helps businesses more efficiently manage customer data and communications, allowing them to automate processes such as lead segmentation, customer segmentation, customer service, targeted email campaigns and other personalised content delivery.

CRM Chatbot

19. Chatbot Functionality - provides companies with an automated customer service solution that allows customers to self-serve, quickly receive responses to their questions, and even troubleshoot basic issues without having to wait on the phone or contact a live customer service representative.

20. Intelligent Notification System - allows businesses to quickly and easily contact customers with personalised messages tailored to their individual needs, such as special offers and customised automated reminders.

21. Customisable Dashboards - can be used to build tailored views of customer data and metrics, allowing businesses to quickly obtain a comprehensive understanding of their customers for better decision-making and improved efficiency.

22. Personalization & Localization Settings - allows them to fine-tune the degree of personalization and localization they need for their particular business needs.

23. Process Automation - helps businesses automate and streamline the process of managing customers and customer-related data by providing automated tasks that can be customised to fit the specific requirements of each customer. This allows companies to save time, increase efficiency, and improve customer service by more quickly responding to queries and requests.

24. Compliance - enables businesses to adhere to industry regulations and standards by automating the process of checking and monitoring customer activities.

CRM - compliance

25. Dynamic Forms - allows businesses to customise, modify and automate their forms with ease, making it easier than ever for users to input data into the system and get real-time feedback on how it will be used within the organisation.

26. Automated Reminders - ensures that important dates, deadlines and other key events are never missed or forgotten.

27. AI Integration - allows businesses to automate mundane tasks, resulting in improved customer service, increased efficiency, and enhanced insights into customer data.

28. Conflict Resolution - helps businesses streamline customer service operations by providing automated processes for resolving customer disputes quickly and efficiently, saving time and resources while helping to maintain a positive customer experience.

29. Notification Settings - allows users to customise their notifications for tasks, events, and other activities, so they can receive timely updates via email or SMS to remind them of the important deadlines and goals they need to meet.

30. Adaptable Navigation Bar - provides users with an easily customizable view that allows them to quickly access the functions they need while providing visibility into the actions taken and data logged.

31. Menu Customisation - provides users with a more tailored user experience, allowing them to easily access the specific features they require and quickly navigate their way around the system, optimising efficiency while using it.

Data Analytics and Insights Features

32. Opportunity Management - enables businesses to track, analyse and manage the sales pipeline, from initial contact to closing deals and assessing performance, and it also allows for better organisation of customer and product data, providing real-time insights into potential sales opportunities and enabling managers to make more informed decisions.

33. Customer Journey Mapping - facilitates visualisation and tracking of the interactions between customers and a company over time, enabling businesses to better understand the customer experience and optimise their engagement strategies.

34. Voice of Customer Analytics - enables businesses to analyse and monitor customer feedback across all channels, identify any patterns or trends in customer behaviour, and gain deeper insights into their customers' needs and expectations.

35. Analytics Dashboards to Monitor Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) - enables them to gain insight into the progress and performance of their operations, identify potential opportunities for improvement, and make more informed decisions.

36. Prospecting Tools to Target Potential Customers - could increase sales by providing detailed insights on customer preferences, building stronger relationships with customers, and improving marketing campaigns.

37. Predictive Analytics/Scoring - provides insights into customer behaviour and preferences, allowing for more targeted and impactful marketing campaigns.

38. Ability to Cross-Reference Data Between Multiple Sources - allows businesses to leverage multiple data sources for more accurate and up-to-date customer profiles, providing more meaningful insights into customer behaviour and enabling more effective marketing strategies.

39. Event Tracking Featuring Timestamps & Complete User Histories - provides even more detailed insight into customer behaviour and habits, whilst also offering increased accuracy in analysing user activity data over extended periods of time.

CRM - Event Tracking

40. Advanced Reporting Capabilities - gives users a comprehensive insight into customer behaviours, activities and interactions, enabling them to develop more accurate forecasts and gain a deeper knowledge of their customer's needs and preferences.

41. Tracking of Activities by Sales Reps - provides them with more detailed insights into how their team is performing, enabling them to make informed decisions and plan better strategies for managing accounts.

42. Visualization Tools - helps businesses gain valuable insights into their customer data, providing them with a better understanding of customer trends and behaviours to improve customer service.

43. Statistics Gathering - provides businesses with valuable insights for improving business processes, making better decisions, and optimising the customer experience.

44. Geolocation - provides valuable insight into customer behaviour by tracking their location in real-time and analysing data related to their movements, visits, and interactions with businesses, allowing companies to make better-informed decisions and take more effective actions.

45. Heat Maps - enables businesses to quickly and easily visualise customer interaction data points, such as where customers are clicking on and engaging with their website or product, helping to identify hot spots and areas of improvement.

46. Advanced Analytics & Reporting - enables businesses to easily integrate data from multiple sources and benchmark performance against key performance indicators (KPIs). This also helps businesses generate powerful reports that analyse their customer's journeys, sales funnel, campaign ROI, and more.

47. Insights & Trends - provides users with real-time, granular insights into customer behaviour, enabling them to gain a deeper understanding of customer preferences and needs, analyse trends over time, and make more informed decisions on how best to serve their customers.

48. Customer Insights - helps businesses to collect, analyse, and utilise valuable customer data in order to improve customer service and satisfaction, optimise their marketing promotions, gain powerful market intelligence, and develop more effective strategies for growing the business.

49. Renewal Forecasting - helps businesses accurately predict when their customers may need to renew their contracts or subscriptions, allowing them to more effectively plan customer engagement strategies.

CRM - Competitor Analysis

50. Competitor Analysis - enables companies to track and compare their performance against that of their competitors, allowing them to gain insights into areas where they may have an advantage or disadvantage in terms of market share, customer engagement or pricing strategies, as well as identify new opportunities for growth and improvement.

51. Redemption Tracking - allows businesses to monitor, analyse, and report on the redemption statuses of rewards and promotions they offer to customers. This helps organisations optimise their strategies for customer engagement by better understanding customer behaviour and interests.

52. Sales Forecasting - helps businesses to better gauge the performance of their sales teams, predict customer trends and behaviours, and plan more effective strategies for future growth.

53. Surveying - helps businesses to collect valuable feedback from customers through surveys and polls, enabling them to gain insight into their customers' needs, preferences and satisfaction levels in order to create more tailored products, services and experiences.

54. Performance Monitoring - provides organisations with an array of invaluable insights, such as real-time data on customer service interactions, current customer experience levels, and opportunities for improvement to optimise customer satisfaction.

Collaboration Tools Features

55. Collaboration Tools for Teams to Work Better Together on Projects - helps them stay organised, streamline communication, and increase productivity while working together on the same initiatives.

56. Support for Multiple Languages - enables users to communicate more effectively with clients from around the world, opening up new opportunities for growth and global expansion.

57. File Sharing Ability - provides a great benefit to teams and organisations, enabling them to collaborate more efficiently while saving time and money.

58. Task Assignment - helps businesses distribute work among their teams more efficiently, allowing those responsible to quickly identify their tasks and be better organised.

59. Internal Messaging - can be used to communicate with clients quickly and efficiently, allowing businesses to streamline customer service processes by sharing information like product details and support-related inquiries in one central place.

60. Multi-Currency Support - allows businesses to transact in different currencies, allowing for easier international transactions, which can result in increased profitability and efficiency.

Security and Compliance Features

61. Role & Access Control Features to Restrict Sensitive Data - enables organisations to have greater control over who has access to sensitive information and helps prevent unauthorised access or misuse of confidential data.

62. Secure Encryption Protocols - helps to protect sensitive customer information by encrypting data shared between systems, making it unreadable and inaccessible to any unauthorised third parties.

63. Robust Data Security - provides an extra layer of security to customer records, ensuring that all confidential information remains safe and secure throughout its life cycle, protecting against potential risks such as unauthorised access and malicious attacks.

64. User Permissions - allows administrators to assign roles to different users, giving them access to certain areas of the platform and keeping sensitive data secure.

65. Fraud Detection - helps businesses to identify fraudulent transactions quickly, prevent financial losses, and improve customer experience by providing reliable protection of sensitive personal information.

CRM - Fraud Detection

66. Credit Card Processing - enables businesses to accept payments securely and quickly while maintaining compliant records of all transactions to ensure sound accounting practices.

Key Add-Ons

67. Self-Service Portals for Customers to Manage Their Own Records - enables them to reliably keep track of customer data, update information quickly and easily, and access up-to-date records with minimal effort.

68. Real-Time Alerts When KPIs Fall Below Pre-Set Thresholds - provides an effective and efficient way of monitoring the progress of a business and identifying potential issues before they become more serious problems.

69. Mobile CRM With Access From Devices Like Phones or Tablets - allows employees to stay connected wherever they may be and utilise features such as contact management, sales tracking, automated reminders, forecasting and more.

70. Integration With Legacy Software Such As ERPs or Payment Systems - provides businesses with a comprehensive view of their customer data, streamlines processes and enables more efficient decision-making.

71. Efficient Lead Routing Capabilities - helps to streamline and automate the process of identifying qualified leads, and then ensuring those leads are correctly routed to the appropriate salesperson for a timely follow-up. This can help eliminate tedious manual work, reduce time spent on manually sorting through a large volume of leads, and enable more efficient use of resources.

72. API Compatibility - allows users to connect their software with other applications, allowing for more efficient management of customer relationships by streamlining communications and data sharing between the two systems.

72. Budget Management Support - enables businesses to easily monitor and manage their spending through an intuitive CRM software platform, making it easier to track expenses, improve fiscal planning, and optimise financial resources.

73. Direct Integration With Accounting Software - offers businesses a convenient way to streamline their processes, while also providing the ability to track customer information in the same system, resulting in improved organisation and performance.

74. User-Friendly UX/UI Design - helps to create a more intuitive and effective user experience by offering a range of tools, options and customization capabilities for users to tailor their interactions with the application.

75. Integration With eCommerce Platforms - helps to streamline the customer experience by increasing efficiency and providing comprehensive customer data in one place.

76. Product Management - enables businesses to have greater control over the organisation and optimisation of their customer data, allowing them to streamline processes, increase productivity, and improve overall customer experience.

77. Social Media Integration - seamlessly integrates social media accounts into the CRM for faster customer service response times and monitoring of campaigns in real-time for social media analytics insights.

78. Time-Saving Tools - provides users with the convenience of quickly creating and accessing customer data, streamlining processes, and enabling more efficient communication between teams.

79. Multi-Account View - allows users to easily switch between and organise data from multiple accounts while still benefiting from the same powerful set of tools, improving efficiency and productivity in their day-to-day workflow.

80. Project Tracking - allows organisations to keep track of their projects by monitoring progress, tasks, resources, and analytics over time - creating a comprehensive view of how their project is performing.

81. Partnership Management - enables businesses to streamline the process of managing relationships with partners, by providing a centralised system for tracking and managing interactions and communications with partners, as well as monitoring the progress of key partnership initiatives.

82. Calendar Synchronisation - allows businesses to easily keep track of important dates and events related to their CRM contacts, helping them save time and increase efficiency in managing their relations with customers.

83. Search Engine Optimisation - enables businesses to improve their visibility and reach on search engines and increase engagement with their target audiences, thereby helping them boost their sales and ROI.

84. Deep Linking - allows businesses to quickly and easily create hyperlinks between different data storage locations, enabling users to navigate more effectively between various sections of their customer database.

85. Drag & Drop Interface - makes it easier and faster to create, move, and manage customer records and data with just the click of a mouse or a quick drag of information from one place to another.

86. Email Templates - enables businesses to quickly and easily create personalised messages for their customers, saving time while still providing a professional-looking and engaging experience.

87. Contract Lifecycle Management - helps organisations streamline the process of tracking and managing contracts from initiation to completion, providing visibility into the entire contract lifecycle with automated triggers and alerts based on predefined conditions being met.

88. Bulk Updates - allows businesses to quickly and easily make changes to large numbers of records in their customer databases, saving time and energy while ensuring accuracy and consistency in data maintenance.

89. Offline Functionality - allows users to access their data and utilise the system even if they are not connected to the internet, providing an efficient way of managing customer relations while still being able to work without an active internet connection.

90. Data Import & Export - allows users to quickly and easily transfer information from different sources into the CRM system, saving them time and ensuring accuracy when managing their customer relationships.

91. Template Libraries - helps businesses save time and energy by providing pre-made templates for everyday tasks, allowing them to quickly customise and create documents with relevant data from their customer databases in a matter of minutes.

92. Task Coordination - helps businesses streamline their operations and save time by allowing users to assign tasks, set deadlines, track progress, and receive notifications when they are due.

93. Client Portals - allows businesses to provide customers with quick and easy access to information, documents, services, and support from any device or browser.

94. Inbox Feature - helps to streamline customer communication, providing an easily monitored repository of all incoming inquiries and feedback, enabling businesses to quickly respond to their customers and better manage customer relationships.

95. Customer Support System - creates an integrated customer support system where customers can log support tickets , view responses/updates , receive notifications , etc., all within the same platform.

96. Automatic Time Zone Adjustment - provides great convenience, as it eliminates the hassle of manually setting timezone preferences on an individual basis and allows users to be productive and efficient in their workflow by ensuring they are always viewing data in the correct timezone.

97. Resource Scheduling - businesses are able to easily manage and optimise their resources by setting up automated processes for dispatching, tracking, and organising tasks to designated personnel, as well as providing real-time communication tools and analytics to better understand their team and workflow productivity.

98. Cross-Platform Compatibility - allows users to access the same features and data on multiple operating systems, providing convenience and flexibility for customers and organisations.

99. Multi-Device Synchronisation - allows users to access their data on any device they choose, enabling them to update and manage customer information quickly and easily from anywhere in the world.

100. Automated Follow Ups - automated follow up emails can be sent out reminding customers of upcoming due dates or events related to their accounts or purchases. This feature also provides an opportunity for companies to advertise new products or services that may interest their target audience, helping them build better relationships with their customers over time.

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