• March 01, 2019


It is difficult and unnecessary to argue against hand-tailored suits. The craftsmanship of an experienced tailor, combined with a perfect fit and materials of your choice, allow you to feel comfortable while looking dapper. That is why bespoke clothing companies like Black Lapel and Quoddy are growing and dominating – they are creating the product that is made precisely for you and no one else. Naturally, when a person deals with more complicated matters like handling their growing business, they want that level of commitment and precision from their providers and suppliers. More so, regarding the technological backbone of the business.

Software developers who present themselves as providers of hand-tailored solutions would want to understand how your business operates.

The know-how of know-how

This is a worrisome prospect – trusting outsiders with your business, depending on them and their skills. No one in their right mind would do so blindly. Or they would face the consequence of misunderstandings, misrepresentation of business operations, and staff confusion that would cost everyone time, money, and nerve cells. So, what should one expect from a bespoke software developer?

First, and most importantly, software developers who present themselves as providers of hand-tailored solutions would want to understand how your business operates. Companies like Tentacle Solutions usually study how your business and your stuff work through research and development and workshops.

Firstly, these workshops are built as staff "interviews" and aim to establish what works for your employees and management and why. This directly influences the UX for the developed system as it mirrors and smoothens the daily operations of your company.

The second type of workshops aims to let your staff test the UX (presentation/wireframes/mockups) during the development. This time it is reverse "interviews" the staff asks the software developers questions and feedback. It helps developers identify the areas in which they may have missed or misrepresented a vital component or feature.

Deluxe Comfort

That’s how a professional earns trust. An experienced software development company will put at least 25% of the entire development time into R&D with the company staff. And the fruits of this labor ensure complete user-friendliness and reduce the learning curve and friction usually involved in adopting a new system or process. Allowing your software providers to put their fingerprints on the system design early on, helps build a trusting relationship that results in a product that is universally accepted and useful in the long-term perspective. So, like the best bespoke suit, your hand-tailored database or management system will surround you with the luxurious comfort of a thing made precisely for you.

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