• March 27, 2019

Saving with Prototypes

All of us know that feeling of ordering some new thing on Amazon and waiting. The anticipation leads to anxiety and no one enjoys that. When you're a business owner or an executive and you order a new database or management system and wait for a month only to see what they paid for. Often, the blind choice of something so essential leads to disappointment, redevelopment, patching, and a whole lot of nerves.

If only there was a way to know if your requirements and specifications were understood correctly by your provider...

Prototyping allows you to see into the future of your product and tweak it to your taste.

Seeing into the future

Unless you’re an executive in a multinational corporate giant, chances are you don’t have money or time to waste on multiple attempts to do things right. That’s a risk you can’t take. That is why more companies each day agree on preparing a prototype of their product before greenlighting the full-scale development.

After the initial negotiations and accepting the project, you may agree with your software developers to prepare a prototype of the future database. It allows you to see into the future of your product and tweak it to your taste. This gives the software company to showcase their vision of the product and understanding of the project’s requirements. It also helps you, the client, to visualize the database you’re looking for – not every company knows what they need until they see it (or see what they don’t need).

This whole endeavor may sound like a luxury, but reliable software development houses will discount some of the prototype development cost towards the cost of the full system, since some, the features and UX design will already be done (or at least that’s how Tentacle Solutions do it). With a clear vision, established specifications, and agreement on the details, the developers can deliver a hand-tailored solution with unrivaled precision.

Abandon the old ways

Doig things old-school way of ordering corporate database solution requires a lot more patience, risk-taking, that often ends up a disappointment. Spending a month on guesswork doesn't sound like a good business practice. Agreeing on a prototype before the full project commences allows the company to establish a trusting relationship with their software development house and will almost always result in a product tailored to satisfy all your needs.

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