• FEBRUARY 22, 2019


From inventions as exciting as bicycles, toasters, and cloned sheep, to life-savers like penicillin and refrigerators, to something less useful – like Bank of England or BBC, Scotland has been the birthplace to some of the most important modern inventions. Daring minds and courageous experiments aimed to improve our life and systemize our knowledge found a home with Scottish engineers, doctors, and historians .

The necessity of systemizing knowledge was understandable. The need for one database to access the information quickly and easily arose as early as the mid-18th century and resulted in what we now know as Encyclopedia Britannica – the original Google. It was published in Edinburgh between 1768 and 1771 - even before Google's birthplace even became a country. At the time, it presented a prime example of knowledge compendium, but to rest on one's laurels is not the Scottish way.

When a company needs a bespoke, hand-tailored database solution, they might look around for options, but eventually they go for Scottish providers.

From Leather-bound to cloud-based

Scotland didn't stop at being ahead of the curve with publishing Encyclopedia Britannica two hundred years ago, now Scottish software and database developers are creating an unprecedented demand for their skills to systematize and organize an insurmountable amount of information in the easiest and simplest way.

They are the digital leaders of the Scottish economy, creating around 5% of the total business based and employing 2% of the general workforce. And it's not just patriotic clients coming for local providers instead of the sun-bathed Californian start-ups, quite the opposite. Increasingly more contracts for their products and services are coming from across the pond and from all over the world.

It is unrealistically hard to compete with the professionalism, decades of experience, and simultaneously close and personal approach Scottish companies propose. When a company needs a bespoke, hand-tailored database solution, that will be based on how this company or person does business they might look around for options, but eventually go for Scottish providers. Understandably so – they have hundreds of years of experience in making the world a better place.

Inventing the bicycle

Home to the brightest minds for many generations, Scotland still houses people that push the boundaries in all the industries, and naturally – in the IT. Quite often, the decision on who will build the framework for your business boils down to – "can I trust these people to understand my business?". And that's exactly what companies like Tentacle Solutions specialize in.

While you let some of the most sought-after software developers sort out your database issues, you might as well enjoy a refreshing glass of gin and tonic - another wonderful gift of Scotland to the world.

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