• June 14, 2019


Your company gathers tons of data every day, with every client, and every transaction. Naturally, it can’t rest without purpose and needs to be stored, analysed, and presented in the most effective and efficient manner.

Now imagine this data stored in paper form and you need hundreds of workers to find, organize, and analyse each piece of information. Horrifying. Now, imagine that to analyse and cross-reference different types of data you would need to ask all your employees to literally run to the stacks of paper to bring each page to you one at a time i.e. every employee runs and delivers the same page. What can be worse?

The above horror is the reason why your Big Data needs Hadoop.

Hadoop not only provides efficiency and lots of advanced analytics, but it also saves money.

Hadoop? What?

Hadoop was born out of a need to process an avalanche of big data - it is a framework that helps to process large data sets across clusters of computers. It makes sure that your i/o “virtual employees” from the metaphor above are not all running chaotically in one direction to answer one of your inputs, but instead are organized and systemized to address only the data that you require for that particular purpose.

Hadoop can handle all kinds of data that a business needs to store – both structured and unstructured. And most important is that it supports advanced analytics. Predictive analysis, data mining, and more are available with Hadoop – e.g. some manufacturers use real-time data streaming into Hadoop in predictive maintenance applications to try to detect equipment failures before they occur.

Hadoop not only provides efficiency and lots of analytical tools, but it also saves money. The yesterday’s data warehouse structures made data a precious asset that could cost upwards of £10,000 per terabyte. On the other hand, Hadoop is flexible and efficient – it can be deployed in a traditional onsite datacentre as well as in the cloud. With Hadoop those costs may fall nearly 90%.

With a reliable software development house as your company’s provider, Hadoop will solve lots of issues with your big data. And there will be no employee running involved.

Let professionals handle it

There is currently fierce competition between companies developing Hadoop and its competitor to make it even more flexible, supporting all the imaginable functional, expanding its width and depth. Knowing the ins and outs of Hadoop and other infrastructure requires immense experience and skill – something that can be found in well-established software development houses like Tentacle Solutions.

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