• Aug 28, 2019

Experience Trumps All

Everyone knows the power of the “bottom line”. The Sword of Damocles hanging over every manager’s head, and the more complicated financial decision they have to make – the closer the sword gets.

Any company deciding to get a software database to replace their current “creaking” database exemplifies one of those decisions.

Naturally, managers are expected to choose the most cost-effective decision possible, but it is often mistaken for the “cheapest” option. Considering the complexity of corporate software development, it quickly becomes a classic case of penny wise, pound foolish. Rarely a company is so rich that it can afford to buy cheap things.

Then how should a company go about choosing their software development company?

Lower prices don’t come cheap.

Destructive cheapness

First, it is important to understand what distinguishes a good software development house from, let’s say, a cheap one.

1. Experience
There is no substitute for this. A new software development house can have all the best marketing materials, disrupt all they can, but it doesn’t stand chance against fifteen years in business. When you look for bespoke software, with all the intricacies and little details that go into it, experience becomes critical.

2. Track Record
You can’t usually see the future, but when a company has a proven track record of finished projects and satisfied clients, it is as good as informed guesses about what your solution will look like are. With cheaper solutions, it would be a leap of faith.

3. Recognition
Before choosing a bespoke software development company in the UK, it is advisable to look up UK-wide or international awards and certifications. It is one thing to say you’re good and your customers are satisfied, another thing is winning competitions and going through external auditors – it proves that your future developers are not only good, but it also proves they are better than everyone else and not afraid of it.

4. Expertise
Design, development, testing, security, and encryption – a lot goes into the development of the software database. An experienced company will do all of the above and more. A cheaper solution usually entails a lack of one or more of those elements. Lower prices don’t come cheap.

It may seem counterintuitive to go for a more expensive solution to save money, but life proves it true.

Know what you pay for

Yes, bespoke solutions from the top UK-based development house like Tentacle Solutions is not cheap. For a lot of managers going for the cheaper solution for the sake of the bottom line may seem intuitive, but usually it turns out exactly the opposite. The Sword of Damocles of the bottom line does not ask for cheapness, but for cost-effectiveness – and only the best companies can bring you that.

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