• December 13, 2019


You can’t cram success. Fast and cheap can’t be good and we all have to accept it. Yet for years part 1 managers make short-term investment decisions based on their biases and stubborn misunderstanding of economics and their financial situation. Sometimes they're trying to meet short-term objectives, such as improving their quarterly profits, which seems to be a more urgent goal than investing for the long term. Often, cramming a lot into limited time and space may cost a lot (to the point of hundreds of lives).

What should an honest and experienced IT manager do about it? How do you strategize and entrust someone to develop your software without risking it all by being cheap?

Can an offshore software development company that prioritizes volume over quality delivers any of the above? We doubt it.

Cheap and fast can’t be good

If you try to take shortcuts to get the results you want without doing the slow work, it takes more time to get the software systems that you want, be it simple databases for your plumbing shop or a national network of car dealerships. It would take time for the local development team to research the way you do business, some even visit your premises to do that and to design and develop your software. But when it’s ready – you’re set to go and do your thing without worrying if anything will go wrong (and if it does – you have a place to go for help).
That is why slow is fast. Fast is slow and never good.

Custom software demands clear communication, strategy, transparent testing, quality assurance standards to deliver a reliable, accessible and stable. What goes into it and why it takes so long? The following influences the speed and the cost of software:

  • Software Size
  • Software flexibility
  • Software Complexity
  • Past data migration
  • Testing and security measures
  • Creative Design
  • Integration with other Systems

Can an offshore software development company that prioritizes volume over quality delivers any of the above? We doubt it.
In that case, where should that responsible IT manager go?

Choose local

How should you strike the balance between going bankrupt and getting a good piece of software? How should you not end up in a situation like Boeing, who paid a horrible price for their cheapness? Stop reading here and drop Tentacle Solutions an email and we will take it from there. With twenty years of experience in bespoke database software development in UK and EU, Tentacle’s team knows all the ins and outs, all the risks and the ways to mitigate, all the strings attached to software development.

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