• Sep 19, 2019


In reality, this is not true and is usually deeply rooted in the strongest kind of fear – the fear of the unknown. Recent data shows that this is exactly the case.
Of more than six hundred companies surveyed, the majority lacked the proper understanding of how AI helps business and how to build the infrastructure to implement it.
At the same time, those businesses and IT companies who understood how it works and started implementing AI into their business processes are seeing a significant boost.
They are getting ahead while their competitors watch from the sidelines, afraid of what the future brings.
Luckily enough Tentacle Solutions know how to get ahead with the AI’s help.

AIs are not here to take our jobs, they are here to make everything easier.

Start at the beginning

Firstly, of what use is AI for business except for dropping as buzzwords at the watercooler and fearmongering in blogs? How about forecasting which part of your hardware will need maintenance and schedule it accordingly before anything breaks? Or gathering and analyzing the Big Data stored in your corporate databases to maximize the effectiveness of your marketing and client relations? That’s where AI is indispensable.

Netflix trains its AI to build predictive models based on their viewership data. Ubisoft trained its AI to find bugs in their games. Real Estate agencies calculate the best prices and dates for selling particular.

That is what’s possible with hand-tailored software databases and AI solutions provided by Tentacle Solutions.

Implementing AI into the corporate software databases requires both a diversity of intimidatingly sounding skills ( Big Data, Machine Learning, Hadoop and etc.) and significant experience in applying them. This combination allows the developers and designers from Tentacle to be on top of their game and allow their clients to concentrate on the important parts of their business – quality service, building relationships with the clients and growing their brand. Leave the rest to the machines to handle. Be it an established solution that you’ve been using for a long time, a recent upgrade or just plans for the future – Tentacle’s team will make sure you’re getting ahead of the competitors.

There’s no formula

That’s the problem with AIs in business: there is yet to be found a set of formulaic approach for every need and every business model. Every decision and implementation would require a unique approach that would be suitable for your particular way of doing business. This sort of solution can only be developed in close cooperation between the client and the development house – luckily enough, that is the kind of service that Tentacle Solutions offers.
AIs are not here to make a distraction, they are here to make everything easier.

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