• June 05, 2019


Choosing the right provider to build your company’s database software can be as hard as building the database yourself. Even more so, if you are not quite sure what the criteria is for a reliable B2B software developer. Intricacies of security, encryption, management, design, and a lot more go into the database development, so when a company decides they need a solution, the decision on the developer needs to be sensible and informed.

A trustworthy and experienced developer as a partner can go a long way.

Research, Research, Research

It’s easy to come up with abstract criteria for an ideal developer - that’s why a real company should be taken as a standard for the experience, management, and client satisfaction expected from a reliable software development house. One such company is Tentacle Solutions.

Experience. Since 2001 Tentacle has provided database solutions for hundreds of companies around the world. This may read like dry numbers, but putting it in a perspective helps – Tentacle Solutions have been in business longer than Youtube and Facebook. Database solutions are intimate and unique to each business model. Professionals at Tentacle Solutions know it and provide hand-tailored software after they visit the premises, analyze the issues, and design the best possible solution. Be it an update from an ancient SQL or building a database from scratch – they’ve done it all and are ready to do more.

Management. With the number of controversial CEOs who either can’t control what they tweet or defraud their investors and consumers, it is important to know the people who lead the company and their vision. A reliable and respectable leader is the sign of a healthy company. Tentacle is once again a prime example – Zarrar Chishti heads the company from the very beginning and to this day. He brings twenty years of experience he got from working on five hundred projects everywhere from Edinburgh to London to LA, in companies like Turner Media, British Airways and Channel 4 to the table. Major corporations constantly seek his advice on the development of software and viral games and last year Apress publisher approached him to write a series of books for professionals in the software development and game design. If there is one person who knows how to envision and build a reliable B2B software – it’s him and his team.

Reviews. How the company treats its employees (click here to see Glassdoor reviews) suppliers and what their clients (click here to see IO reviews) think of the company is equally important (click here to see Tentacle Solutions Glasgow). When the company presents itself one way and then its clients and employees paint a completely different picture, it should immediately raise a couple of red flags. After all, it’s a relationship and it should be built on trust.

Weighing in

A lot goes into an informed decision on how to choose your database developers, but having a prime example in Tentacle Solutions, helps to see beyond the façade and know a good, reliable company from the rest. Every company needs to choose wisely – a trustworthy and experienced developer as a partner can go a long way, while the opposite can cost the company a lot of money and nerves.

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