• April 03, 2019

A CDN Safety Net

Ask a hundred marketers, product managers, and corporate executives what they want to happen to their product and they all will tell you the same – for it to go viral. Viral popularity and meme-ability of products and services naturally became part of today's marketing. And one day all the efforts to make it hit big works. Thousands and thousands of users stream to your site, increasing the loading times until they ultimately crash it. Marketers are in shambles, executives are counting losses, and everyone is giving IT guys weirdly judgmental looks. No one ever wants that.

Avoiding issues like that are easier than it seems.

Thousands and thousands of users stream to your site, increasing the loading times until they ultimately crash it. No one wants that.

It is not safe to wander alone, take this CDN

Sometimes it can be a result of a successful marketing campaign, holiday season, even certain parts of the day when you get a sudden spike in traffic that can unexpectedly send your site into a digital coma. That’s when having a CDN helps. A Content Delivery Network (CDN) provides alternative server nodes for users to access your site. These nodes spread throughout the world, so that the closest one to the user accepts and delivers the request, ensuring faster response and download time of content due to reduced latency and increased stability.

This is an often-overlooked solution since a lot of companies erroneously assume that CDN is a for those who expect a Facebook or Amazon volume of traffic and they can hold anything smaller than that themselves. Instead, think of the user experience – i.e. global CDN allows users from the Netherlands to access content from a closer source instead of reaching across the Atlantic to get load your site.

From your provider’s caring hands…

Caring for the customer experience and your marketer's greying hair should be part of the business' strategy. Expecting and planning for surges in traffic can be difficult and includes a lot of guesswork, that's why it is better to be safe than sorry. It is an established practice for reliable software houses to guide you through the preparation and application of CDN and other measures that would protect you and your customers from unnecessary stress the next time your site goes viral overnight.

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