• February 12, 2020


If you want an update for your old database or looking for a new software framework for your company, you’ll need to shovel through a ton of software developments houses and their sites and portfolios. How do you know they will be up to the task and the development process will be a pleasant and smooth experience? If only there was a list with a time-tested combination of characteristics that would immediately tell you everything you need about a software development company...

Portfolios can be deceiving, skills faked, schedules changed, and reviews bought. Companies can advertise and promise all they want, that’s why transparency and mutual understanding are essential.

Companies that tick all the boxes

Here are the top 5 characteristics to look for when looking for a top-ranking, high-quality software development company.

1. Outstanding portfolio. This is the first stop in your search. Software development company’s portfolio is the showcase of their achievements, experience, and competence. It is also one way to find out what services the company provides. An unpersuasive portfolio, or worse - lack thereof, should be an immediate red flag.

2. Particular set of skills. It may be tempting to go for jacks of all trades - companies that promise that they can handle anything and everything. A great

3. Timing and schedules. Quality products can’t be made fast. It can be tempting to fall for the promises of the good stuff done in impossibly short terms - its not impossible, but it can be a trap. Knowing the kind of strategies, tactics, and tools for controlling delivery processes that the company utilizes are the are the key to see how effectively your project will be managed. The development company needs the ability to create a time range that satisfies the client’s needs and expectations once the project is delivered and in use.

4. Testimonials. All of the above amounts to nothing if its just the company petting itself on the back. Every successful company has grateful customers who can share their impressions concerning the working process and cooperation with the company. Real testimonials from real clients can be invaluable for new clients who are just forming the opinion about whether to do business with the development company or not.

5. Transparency. Portfolios can be deceiving, skills faked, schedules changed, and reviews bought. Companies can advertise and promise all they want, but only transparency and mutual understanding of the business procedures, development methods and practices, are essential to building a productive, long-term relationship.

Choose the best

The above are just the basic characteristic of a great software development company. You see them in your search for a perfect database software provider - you should definitely keep your eye out for them. Since Tentacle Solutions perfectly fits in all the mentioned criteria you should drop us a line and we will answer all you question about software database development.

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