• April 10, 2019

Backing-up your eggs in different baskets

When the business accumulates tons of information – clients’ data, contacts, operations, reports, and etc, naturally comes the need to store it and systemize is. That's where business gets a database and a hosting provider who develop a database specific to your needs and the way your business operates. Finding a trustworthy provider is an adventure in its own right. Making sure you don’t lose all that treasured data – a completely different one.

Professionals don’t wait for things to turn bad to start looking for safety measures.

Sir, I’ll need you to backup

The first sign that you’re dealing with a respectable software development house – they are the first ones to propose backing up your databases. Professionals don’t wait for things to turn bad to start looking for safety measures, they plan everything in advance. There are several options depending on how your business operates, the purposes of your database, and how risk-averse you
1.Full Backups. A pre-scheduled, automatic storing of the compressed copies of the database files. Easy to restore, but a huge volume of files causes heavy access to the storage, and not every business needs to have such a comprehensive backup.
2.Incremental Backups. Backing up only the files that have been created after the previous backup. Saves lots of storage space, but on the other hand, searching for specific entries requires either firm knowledge of the iteration when it was saved or computing power to uncover it.
3.Differential Backups. Similar to incremental backup in everything except that the new files since the last full backup will be part of the differential backup up until the next full backup. Easier to retrieve the files, but managing and comparing different backup iterations requires additional storage space and network bandwidth.
4. Virtual Full Backups. Virtual backup utilizes a separate database to keep track and manage the backed-up data. Copies are made only once and do not need to be made again until the changes are made. The backups are synchronized automatically and the user experience is the same as full back.

Hiding the eggs

An experienced provider like Tentacle Solutions, who’ve been doing it for more than twelve years on five different servers, ensures that your backups are kept off-site and will perform stress-test of the backups to ensure their stability and safety of your data. Being sure that your data is not only organized properly but also safe and can be restored at any point means that the managers can concentrate on the actual business management without stressing over losing the hard-earned contacts and transactions.

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