• July 05, 2019

Assurance of trust

The importance of security when handling massive amounts of data cannot be stressed enough. When the reputations and the integrity of a company’s and its clients’ data is at stake, only the best providers will suffice.

There are a plethora of companies that present themselves as trustworthy database solutions providers. However how should one choose between all of them? What is the guarantee that their talk of high-security standards will be met in a moment of crisis?

Developers can talk about their standards all they want, but concrete evidence – audits and the resulting certifications are what matter. When looking for an EU-based, and particularly UK-based, respectable database development house, those having Cyber Essentials certification should be the ones catching your eye.

A Cyber Essentials certified database developer and a not-certified one can be the difference between customer satisfaction and irretrievable data loss.

The High Standard

Cyber Essentials is a government-backed accreditation that was introduced back in 2014 and offers businesses baseline cybersecurity to cover the essential protection from cyber-crime. This scheme was developed and implemented to make it easier for businesses to protect themselves and to encourage good cybersecurity practices in the entirety .

When a development house wants to, and in the light of GDPR – practically is required to, get accredited with Cyber Essentials they must go through a rigorous procedure that includes a self-assessment questionnaire and a vulnerability scan to be submitted to an external certifying body. Developers like Tentacle Solution review their network and perimeter security, keep the software and hardware they use updated to be compliant with the standard and available to renew the certification annually to show that they are operating in good faith and keep the good standing.

In other words, such companies prefer going through the entire rigorous test to ensure that their clients are really safe. A Cyber Essentials certified database developer and a not-certified one can be the difference between smooth business operations and stolen client data. Between a good reputation and lawsuits.

Earning trust

It takes effort and willingness to grow from the developers’ side to be certified by third-parties and keep it up and be compliant with the government recognized standards. It shows the willingness to be transparent, to show that they have nothing to hide. For example, you can always look up Tentacle Solutions’ certification on the official site and see how, by whom, and when they were assessed and if they are compliant.

A development house such as Tentacle Solutions, not only talks about security but shows the length to which they will go to in order to earn their clients trust.

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