• April 17, 2019

Takeaway your Database System (not Getaway!)

We all spend a lot of time on our phones, and why not - there is an app for literally everything now. It became fashionable to bemoan the worldwide dependency on smartphones and how much time people spend on their phones – the number of articles on smartphone detoxication is through the roof. While some constantly see problems, others see an opportunity.

Increasingly a lot of small to medium businesses aim to make their employees more flexible and mobile for greater productivity. Naturally, they require all their data to be securely held in a cloud; that a given with any top-notch database system however they also want their data to be accesible from anywhere – that's where a B2B Enterprise app comes in.

After considering the applicability of the new software database and an app with it, one might wonder -what kind of app should I have? How to approach building it? Do we even need it?

Takeaway not Getaway

Providing an app specifically for employees seems like an unnecessary and pricey expense. However when you consider that they can immediately and securely access relevant business data, critical client information as well as run reports and update tasks then it’s time to let your employees order your database system "to go".

The importance of being able to address any issue from anywhere, not just from home, can’t be overstated. When your staff, be it in sales, engineering, management or accounts can respond, control, and report in one unified system accessible from anywhere it allows the business to react quicker, solve more problems with greater precision, and saves time and resources. Add to that inbuilt features like geolocation which can be utilized for additional security measures and business reporting. With experienced and creative software developers, this is now a possibility for even with the most sophisticated and specific business systems.

Trust the professionals

Often, a lot of new options to solve your issues and utilize new technologies can be awfully confusing. After considering the applicability of a new software database and an app with it, one might wonder -what kind of app should I have? How to approach building it? Do we even need it?

The best way to overcome the confusion and get things done would be to get a respectable software development house like Tentacle Solutions to come in and analyze your processes, understand the inner workings, and come up with a custom solution for your day to day operations. Years of experience allow them to evaluate what sort of app to develop for your company; issues such as how to connect the app with your database and how to handle security with surgical precision.

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