• April 24, 2019


Your company managed to find a trust-worthy software development house. They came in, analyzed how you manage your day to day business and understood it. Your new database shines like a polished diamond, your managers are ecstatic and, finally, your daily operations are automated. Furthermore, the system even stores your data safely in a cloud and lets you access it remotely any time and report with an unbelievable level of depth.

Sounds rather idyllic?

It is Until you realize that you forgot something, or rather someone.

Often parts of the needs of entire teams can be omitted and disregarded when planning the software framework of the company.

No one left behind

So you have started to notice your marketing team throw strange glances and realise you completely forgot about them. But it is too late – to include them in on the whole new system means ordering rebuilds to the software which brings an unexpected extra expense.

If you are getting a database system developed, it is important to physically bring in all your teams (no matter how irrelevant it might seem) into the development conversation early on. Asking everyone about their needs is the job of both the management and the software development team.

What do your marketers need?

Email and SMS integration? Do they need the system to easily produce mailing labels defined by in-depth categories at the touch of a button? What about multi-layer-filtering for their marketing campaigns which would include an intelligent behavioural analysis parameter?

This is not in the realm of fantasy – all the above can be seamlessly integrated into any of the systems that experienced developers as Tentacle Solutions does for each and every client.

United we stand

There is no reason to alienate any of the teams in your database development process. However polished and thoughtful the system might appear, if it does not include the needs of all of your staff from every team, with all their needs and quirks – the database and the level of management would not be complete.

Knowing that even if you forget something, or worse have no idea that something needs to be addressed, would be brought up and covered by Tentacle Solutions who incorporate this methodology early on so that it brings peace and stability to the entire process.

It helps on all fronts – from a leadership standpoint and team building to saving time and financial resources. Inclusivity and thoughtfulness help your database and your business.

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