• January 30, 2019

Fear and SQL in Glasgow

ere (and possibly still are) companies in Glasgow (and around the world) that really do that. But it's never too late to embrace the new technology.

Not alone with your trouble

You could ask a dozen business consultants how to develop a business without ever changing, but they would preach to the choir – optimize and modernize your operations. Optimization requires data. Analysis. Control. And that means you must bid farewell to your good old friend Access.

When a company makes a colossal decision to put aside its Access for the scary new stuff like .Net, SQL, and HTML5, another anxiety steps in

who could we possibly trust with an insurmountable task like that?

Off-the-shelf solutions won't cut it. It needs to be like a bespoke three-piece suit - handcrafted and tailored based on your parameters. Your provider would need to understand how your business had handled its operations for those thirty years and not lose a bit during the update.

A cherry on top of the anxiety cake – making your databases cloud-based, could send an old-school businessperson into a panic attack. It only sounds scary. All you need is a competent and experienced software developer who would not be afraid to come and get their hands dirty (as far as dirty goes in software development) – and study your business model, daily operations, and talk to management and staff.

Resistance is Futile (and unnecessary)

Embracing change seems scary right until the very moment you implement it. Then comes excitement. After weeks and months of cooperation with your developers, tens of meetings and test, resulting in a slick, smooth, and accessible cloud-based database, future-proof for any updates and new tech. It makes you and your staff feel like kids again, getting all ecstatic for a new toy to play with, while your business processes go smoothly, you get a firm grip on all the necessary data and naturally grow.

Finding yourself in a situation like that shouldn't be that stressful and anxiety-inducing. While off-the-shelf solutions seem easier, they might bring more trouble than were there before. So, you just need a helping hand of transparent and competent software developers, who are ready to come and study how you do your business and put your comfort and interest at the forefront of their development process.

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