What The Client Wanted

Tentacle Solutions development team always aims to make business more manageable and smoother. That is why when an established driving school with loads and loads of clients were looking for a single, bespoke system that would incorporate all their management and administration systems in one place, they came to Tentacle Solutions.

What Tentacle Solutions Did

After the assessment of the client’s situation, we agreed that they need a complex solution not only for now, but to prepare for the future growth and evolution of the business. To represent this concept in the final product, over six months we occasionally visited the client and recorded their day-to-day operations, to make sure that our solution is perfectly tailored to their needs during the precision software development.

What Tentacle Solutions Delivered

All the data that we collected over the six months of development, allowed us to deliver a bespoke Windows .NET executive desktop system that became the central command of the entire driving school business operation. The system had overridden was slick, fast, and accessible, immediately overriding and making obsolete all the previous systems our client used.

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