What The Client Wanted

Our vast experience always attracts top professionals from all industries. One of our clients was an influential member of the financial world. With an extensive experience of most available financial systems, they were looking for one that combined all the functionality of different products and allowed to keep track of transactions, investments, and personal information smoothly and efficiently.

What Tentacle Solutions Did

"Tentacle Solutions’s design and development team began with researching the individual financial background of the 200 varied functions of the client’s archaic systems. Every function was vital to the operation of business as well as his personal finances and had to transferred without losing any of its functionality. Non-compatibility of the old systems with modern technologies required us to completely overhaul the entire system from scratch. "

What Tentacle Solutions Delivered

"With all the functions researched, we started to build the new system on a modern platform. No matter to which countries client’s business took him, we regularly had online meeting with to keep them updated on our progress. After 18 months Tentacle Solutions delivered a Windows .NET executive desktop solution that allowed central governments, NGOs and banks to liase with each other with unprecedented efficiency. "

What The Client Said About Tentacle Solutions

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