• March 07, 2019


If Hyperconverged Infrastructure and Tetration Platforms sound like some made-up science fiction nonsense - it's okay, most of the highly advanced cloud-based technologies operate in terms that for the uninitiated sound made-up. That is why it is common for business people outside of IT to be confused with how data storage, clouds, and servers all work. Naturally, some think all the data is stored on their own computers. Data management and storage providers should explain to their clients how everything works because mutual understanding is essential for trust and smooth operations. And the answer is simpler than it seems.

Storing lots of information requires lots of computing power – data centers provide it.

…in a secure Data Center.

The words you read now, this site, and every single byte of information on the internet is stored somewhere – a physical machine at some remote place in the world preserves this information and is generous enough to share it with everyone. Storing lots of information requires lots of computing power – data centers provide it by being a home to a whole network of computing and storage resources that provide support to the business application, management systems, and corporate databases. While some developers claim to store your data, all the professional and trustworthy companies like Tentacle Solutions have their servers in secure data centers.

This allows to provide services as mundane and taken for granted as email and file sharing, to CRM software and enterprise resource planning, all the way to something mysterious and trendy as Big Data.

Data centers differ in infrastructure types, processing powers, and most importantly location. Does your business need to host videos our interactive applications that need processing in real time? Better choose local data storage. If it is less dependent on real-time processes and needs to sell to Germany? Better host your data there. Though there are exceptions and structures that should be left for professional developers to comprehend.

Nothing personal, it’s only Business

It is not a prerequisite to know all about data storage, data centers, and infrastructure to set up a corporate email. But for business owners, making their money worth and doing business cost-effectively is a prime concern. Being able to distinguish between trustworthy providers and developers, being able to understand what kind of storage services your business needs, helps to find the right and creative solutions.

Even the basic knowledge will save money, time, and nerves, simply from finding and working with an experienced software developing company, the one which would explain the above nuances to their client and develop solutions for them, without trying to misrepresent you.

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